CodeCoda Ltd. wurde 2019 unter die Top-Unternehmen für künstliche Intelligenz gewählt

Wir sind stolz darauf, in die Liste der Top 30 AI-Unternehmen für das Jahr 2019 aufgenommen zu sein. Hier eine Kopie der Pressemitteilung in englischer Sprache:

CodeCoda Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative global IT and BPO services,solutions and Advanced Software Development. The company’s position, as one of the most sought-after services provider in the industry, has been recently reiterated as CodeCoda Ltd. was placed in the list of Top 30 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2019.

The list was compiled by, consisting of companies that have carved a niche for themselves in AI solutions. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has become increasingly popular in recent times with businesses and individuals across the globe looking to harness the immense benefits and features of AI. The applications of AI is quite vast and encompasses both familiar technologies and emerging new solutions that are yet to be explored. Consequently, artificial intelligence companies are continuously increasing their investment into the development of AI. However, some companies have stood out from the crowd, and have become trusted names in the field of AI. has come up with a list of the top AI solutions providers. They aim to make it easy for individuals, businesses, and other users to select the most suitable service provider for their respective projects.

The list of the top AI companies in 2019 includes big names such as Addepto, Azilen Technologies Pvt. Ltd., SumatoSoft, and BotsCrew. CodeCoda’s mention in the list of the top 30 AI companies is a further demonstration of the company’s innovativeness and commitment to excellent service delivery. Over the years, this Bulgarian provider of software development outsourcing services has worked with several companies across the globe and has earned the trust of a number of Fortune 500 companies. Solutions offered by the company include eCommerce, Mobile Applications, Big Data Analytics, Custom Web Development, UI/UX Design, and a host of other technology-driven solutions.