We are CodeCoda, we CreateBuildDevelop Innovative Software Solutions

CodeCoda is an innovative global IT and BPO service, eCommerce Solutions, and Advanced Software Development, provider. As part of one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, we help online businesses grow, utilizing best practices in the field, coupled with a multi-channel approach and focused on delivering supreme customer experience.
We were founded by IT Veterans who embedded customer dedication and technical excellence in our mentality and all the products and solutions we create. With such unique knowledge and expertise at our hands, we steer commerce growth strategies through measured consulting and outstanding design and development.
With headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and a production facility in Plovdiv and Sofia, Bulgaria, CodeCoda provides reliable Software Development services in a variety of high-tech technologies, ranging from AI, Custom Web Development, headless commerce, mobile development to providing innovative tailor-made software products.
We operate on a global scale and work with all types and sizes of businesses. From SMEs up to Fortune 500 enterprises – we cover all; no project is too small or too big for us. Most of our projects entail contracts that last for over a year. We approach problems with the intensity and diligence required to produce the effect and efficacy sought by our customers.

Andreas Maier, CEO, CodeCoda Ltd
          Dr. Andreas Maier, CEO

Our Mission

We are driven by our self-declared values to deliver first class software and services to our clients around the globe. Software is a personal thing, and we find satisfaction in well designed, working and reliable software products. In CodeCoda, we believe that the most important thing is that customers can rely on us. Before, during and after development of your custom solution.

Our Vision

We envision to be a one-stop-shop for our customers in any high-tech development. Our Vision of well thought out software architecture, incredible design propositions and a personal touch to whatever we do, creates the added value sought by business owners.
Our vision is to serve a single customer, and that customer is you!

Why Us

With hundreds of happy clients, CodeCoda has a proven track record of delivering top notch Software Products. Once our experienced staff engages with your project, we'll transform it into a working and living process, which guarantees a successful outcome. Not everybody is an expert, so we'll guide you through the process to make your custom project a success!


We Are Here To Help You

What CodeCoda is about can’t really fit in words. We don't accept anything but excellence. We run on high standards and we don’t compromise. From Customer Support and Onboarding, throughout the development process and product delivery, this is what we stand for. Period.