Fintech & Financial Services

Customers nowadays have higher expectations and more financial options than ever before. We help both fintech and established financial brands to put valued customers first.

Whether you’re a fintech startup, a fast-growing fintech, an established bank, insurance provider, credit agency, payment process provider, or you offer private consumer financing, our services can help you acquire, nurture and solidify customer relationships. Our teams are focused on security and compliance, including the due diligence required to meet European, US or International regulations affecting your business.

Areas of expertise

Consumer Micro Finance

Dont worry about any technical problems. Focus on your core business. Let us provide the technical solutions to make your Fintech Consumer Micro Finance Project a success.

Our dedicated Fintech experts, having worked with Fintech startups and established banks for over two decades, know what it takes to automate and provide the most innovative UI/UX for your customers. Design is probably one of the most critical aspects, especially when it comes to consumer finance. Customers want to be in charge of their money and always have a good overview of their available funds.

CodeCoda, with extensive outsourcing experience and deep insights into the Fintech industry, can help. Outsourcing Consumer Micro Finance Projects is a great way to control development and maintenance cost of your business, whilst implementing compliance and security policies.  Never again you would worry about governmental audits.


Claim your competitive edge by launching sleek new banking solutions today. From developing beautiful Mobile and Cloud applications, backed by specialist UI/UX experts, best practices and task automation, 360 Analytics and business improvement Process Consulting, we have the digital experts to enable faster and more efficient ways to outrun our customers' competitors.

We acknowledge that outsourcing the development of Banking products is a sensitive matter. We also recognise that you probably wouldn’t like your competitors to know we did the job. Outsourcing of Banking Applications, in other words, re-inventing banking and connecting it to your current legacy applications and backend needs trust.

CodeCoda is your trusted partner for the Outsourced development of Banking Applications, with a guaranteed confidentiality policy.

How it works

1st Step

Business Analysis and Requirements collection


Our business analysts will examine your requirements and create a document describing business essentials. Those will then be translated into functional specifications.

2nd Step

Brainstorming and Innovation


Innovation doesn't happen overnight. It is a process that involves designers and digital experts, spending time with your brand or idea. This step ensures we are creating exactly the USP that separates your brand from the rest.

3rd Step

Mockups, Flow, Interfaces, Design, UI/UX


A set of analysts create flows while designers work on your customers' User Experience. This step is important to ensure the unique feel of your brand.

4th Step

Software Development


Software Engineers create the backend functionality and connect front and backend to achieve a functioning entity.

5th Step

QA and Bug fixing

Quality Assurance

QA Engineers tear your software apart and make sure it is completely bug free and fully functional. Eventual bugs are fixed by Software Engineers.

With transparent delivery processes, innovative thinking, excellent communication and flexible approach, we deliver fintech software projects to all types of financial services, from fintech startups to established banks.

Our clients

We have Financial Services experience in

Consumer Finance
Corporate Finance
Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies
Payment Processing

Who we serve

Crypto & Blockchain Industry

If banks can’t offer something more valuable than Amazon Prime, then we’re probably in the wrong business.

Bradley Leimer, Head of Innovation, Santander Bank

Bradley LeimerHead of Innovation, Santander Bank

Ready to get started?

Fintech == Innovation

We are sure you will have many questions about the possibilities of Fintech or Financial Service Outsourcing. CodeCoda helps clients all around the globe to bring innovative fintech applications to their customers. CodeCoda's technological knowledge and innovative edge is what drives Fintech companies to deploy cost effective applications.

Our experts will be happy to assist you in getting your project off the ground and consult you in all steps necessary to build and run ground breaking services.

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