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CodeCoda's big data engineers and business analysts help enterprises unlock the power of Big Data Analytics. With making use of big data, enterprises get valuable insights, allowing them to drive business results.

Our dedicated development teams create software solutions that capture, store, process, analyze, and visualize big data.

Leveraging big data frameworks, CodeCoda’s experts created extensive viable solutions for Aviation technology, Telecom, Fintech, Healthcare, and many other industries. Our big data engineers build custom cloud-based big data solutions, data science software and machine learning algorithms. We install and configure big data tools as well as develop customized data science applications and reporting dashboards.

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- Geoffrey Moore


Extensive Tech Stack

An extensive technological stack based on Open Source technologies is leveraged to make use of and maintaining big data assets. Our engineers have extensive experience integrating a large set of NoSQL databases, to store organised and un-structured data of any size.


Data Science and ML

Our developers effectively integrate efficient data science, machine learning and deep learning algorithms into big data solutions. We build robust software with AI capabilities that analyze customer behavior, optimizes prices, and detect risks. We help by providing insights that promote strategic decision making.


Cloud Applications

We utilize the cloud for efficient big data systems. Cloud technology allows the creation of highly scalable big data solutions without the need for expensive infrastructure maintenance. We work with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and IBM Watson to ensure efficient data processing and analytics.

Added Value of Big Data

Our experts and consultants will help you target only the solutions that bring genuine value to your business operations.

Every two years, the volume of data in the world doubles, and by 2020, it is estimated that this volume of data will reach 44 Zettabytes. Unstructured data, such as text and images account for 90% of this amount. In the future, it is highly anticipated that this massive amount of data i.e. Big Data, will be used in business analytics to improve operations and to offer innovative services. Big Data is very wide in scope and its usage covers a large spectrum of applications from targeted advertisement and recommendation systems, to energy consumption estimation and smart metering. With a wealth of experience in analytics, and a commitment to openness in developing IT infrastructure and tools, along with strong global BI deployment capabilities, we can help you unlock and implement the business value of your Big Data.

Big data architecture design

Cloud-based big data solutions

Proficiency with Hadoop ecosystem

Platforms for data-driven decision-making

Data science solutions for big data

Machine learning for big data

Why us?

Extended experience delivering Big Data solutions

CodeCoda's expert teams will help you unlock the business value from your Big Data.

We build Big Data Platforms, the engine for processing huge amounts of data in diverse formats. Hadoop and in-memory databases serve as such platforms. Data experts then use Analytics Software, a subset of Libraries equipped with high-level data analysis functions and data mining packages. Then data experts can make use of frameworks and design best practices to offer solutions for each operational challenge.

We combine Business value generation, deep mathematical and statistical expertise, extensive domain knowledge in a variety of industries and our broad practical experience.


Value creation

Big data solutions created by our experts allow businesses to use data to its full potential. Our Big Data analysts help clients take a data-driven approach to decision-making.


Mathematics and Statistics

Our Big Data developers have solid mathematical background and profound knowledge in a wide array of algorithms, as well as mathematical and statistical models.


Domain knowledge

We have domain knowledge in a variety of industries including telecom, fintech, banking, hospitality, and many others. We deliver comprehensive software solutions from design and implementation through testing and maintenance.


Broad experience

CodeCoda has more than four years of experience working with Data Science and Big Data Analytics projects. Our data scientists are certified and ready to handle tasks of any complexity.

3 Benefits of Big Data


Cut Cost

Massive cost reductions through informed data-driven decisions


Increased Efficiency

Improving Processes by leveraging data, trends, and transformation


Increased Sales

Taking informed decisions increases sales and customer loyalty

Big Data Tech Stack

We work with the full set of Apache big data frameworks, as well as with the key components of the Hadoop ecosystem. Our big data experts can also provide integrations with leading NoSQL databases, or big data lakes, which effectively can deal with dynamic data of any size and velocity.

Apache Spark Apache Pig Apache Hive Apache Impala Apache Flume Apache Ignite Apache Oozie Cassandra Hadoop Apache Airflow AWS EMR AWS Kinesis R Python Scala Java

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