Chemistry of a Remote Team

Whether you are seeking project-based development resources, need to integrate a remote team into an existing in-house team, or are looking to build a team from scratch to meet all your IT needs, we have the solution. Our teams don't just fit into your budget but also integrates neatly into your companies pre-existing processes.
Are you basing your search for a remote team on a technological stack? Are you seeking additional soft-skills? Are you looking for the experimental cutting edge technologies that will bring a wind of change to your software development?
CodeCoda builds remote development teams based on several variables that will be discovered during an initial scoping session with the interested entity.

Chemistry of a <strong>Remote Team</strong>
Specialty <strong>Premium Service Teams</strong>

Specialty Premium Service Teams

Software Development is too often regarded as the simple execution of tasks. Based on CodeCoda's DNA are standards that prescribe a high level of customer satisfaction. Deep in our philosophy is the belief that software is not developed for machines, but human beings. This belief is what makes the difference when it comes to our service level.
Non-functioning code is a no-go, and we do not accept anything lesser than well thought over programming. Logic also plays a significant role, which often decides if a project is a success or failure. Our Premium Teams make sure, contributing to your development works on the highest standards, that your web, mobile or desktop application is made for humans, and consecutively becomes a success story.

Tech stack-based remote teams

What tech stack are you looking to staff? Whether it be .net/C#, Java, Python, PHP, or Cobol. There is a team specializing in the respective language and programming ecosystem for each of these tech stacks. Excellence in Programming is uniquely achieved through industry expertise. Our 160+ Software Engineers, Designers, Software Architects, Business Analysts, and Project Managers are highly specialized in their field of expertise.
Are you building a platform from the ground up? Then a flexible remote team is for you. Interchangeable units make sure that each of your software components is built on the technology that best suits the purpose.
Our approach is not a "one-size-fits-all" model. Our broad technological expertise in various industries ensures the best technologies become applied to the problem at hand.

<strong>Tech stack-based</strong> remote teams
<strong>eCommerce</strong> Team

eCommerce Team

CodeCoda's specialization in eCommerce deserves mention. Our eCommerce Teams engage on behalf of Agencies or end clients, building the shopping experiences that provide customer retention and engagement based shopping experiences. While our teams can work based on any eCommerce Platform on the market, we prefer modern headless first based platforms that guarantee future-proofing our customers eCommerce.
Our highly competent specialists engage, based on your vision, to build integrated solutions that cover the full range of connectivity, including PIM, ERP, CRM, CMS, PWA, and other omnichannel relevant media services to launch timeless shopping experiences.
Starting from User Interface to User Experience design, CodeCoda's specialists know how to engage your prospects - and convert them into happy clients.

Platform-based remote teams

Is your project built on a pre-existing tech stack or a platform? This often happens when a platform was chosen that fulfills specific goals based on existing requirements.
Are you developing an e-commerce platform based on Shopware or Magento? Then a platform based e-Commerce team is for you. Our certified e-Commerce specialists will bring a customer-friendly e-shop to life, catering for conversion and success.
Platform-based teams usually take on the entire liability, ranging from ideation and user experience design to deployment on production servers.

<strong>Platform-based</strong> remote teams
<strong>BPO</strong> teams

BPO teams

With a high business process specialization, we bring your ERP or CRM project to life. Whether based on Microsoft Technology (Dynamics), SAP or Odoo, the range is limitless. Our certified engineers are constantly trained in building and optimizing the tailored processes your company can rely on.
Can BPO and other teams be combined into units?
It frequently happens that companies combine several forms of teams into functional units. Examples for such combination are e-Commerce with ERP and PIM system integrations, allowing a connection with storage units and barcode scanners.
A healthy platform diversity allows us to handle any size of process implementation independent of the targeted solution. Our certified experts will guide you and propose the solution which enables your enterprise to optimize its processes.

Dedicated Teams

With a long history of building dedicated remote teams in many industry sectors, we are experts in the assembly of highly skilled programming units‚ÄĒour teams scale based on our clients' technical demands.
When building teams, we add the magical essence, which is "know your people." This essential sauce makes those teams deliver exceptional code quality and products, which work as intended.
Dedicated teams also bring a diversity of expertise into the clients' business, allowing for growth and optimization of processes-thus delivering tailored solutions that fulfill their purpose and go beyond.
Be it Remote Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Architects, Product Owners, Software Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, or UI/UX Experts; CodeCoda has the team which caters to your ideas and wants. Dedicated Teams usually are deployed within 20-30 days of signing a contract. CodeCoda teams are, on average, 20-40% cheaper than respective local teams (Cost Calculator) and can increase productivity if combined with clients' internal staff by more than 100% (statistics based on KPIs / OKRs).

<strong>Dedicated</strong> Teams
With for well-functioning software

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