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High Availability allows globally distributed companies to be able to handle any system, application or data load. We design reliable, efficient, and scalable software that handles large volumes of data requests and backend computational resources.

Our highly skilled development teams have absorbed extensive experience in building high-load systems that deal with a big volume of server requests. CodeCoda’s software engineers design thorough software architectures, which are optimized for performance. Whether it is a web site or a restful API with hundreds of thousands of visitors and requests - we build the right scalable and reliable solution to power it up and shape it into a truly global accessible system.

We're not in an
information age
anymore. We're in the
information management age.

- Chris Hartwick


Efficient Architectures

We build and design robust architectures that consider all common issues related to high load systems. The software we develop runs on systems leverage technologies with the smallest response latencies. Technologies, used to build such infrastructures, include Apache, Nginx, or cloud-native edge routers such as Traefik. The Applications or APIs built include ultra-fast response programming languages such as Python, Java, NodeJS, ReactJS, React Native and others.


High Load tech stack

Over the years, our dedicated teams have amassed substantial experience with a diverse technology stack. This enables us to power high-load solutions. Our experience in building highly streamlined server infrastructures, on-site or in the cloud, enable us to deploy state of the art solutions. Combining server-side knowledge with our expertise in custom software development achieves the best results together. We deliver high-load systems end-to-end.


Zero downtime

By focusing on load balancing, both physical or emulated, we achieve fault-tolerant solutions, which can handle a maximum number of connections with short application response times. High availability is the most significant cornerstone of high-load systems, which we have built for the Fintech, TelCo, Gaming and Media industries. CodeCoda's system architects use the latest technologies to achieve zero downtime. This allows for applications that are deployed in high load infrastructures to be available 24/7/365.

Added Value of High Load Systems

CodeCoda strives to add value to our clients' operative business. High Availability and Load systems designed by us guarantee zero downtime and lowest response latencies.

Many providers and integrators guarantee an uptime of 99%. 1% downtime might seem a little. But start counting. 1% downtime of your business corresponds to 87.6 hours per year or 3.65 days per year. Are you really willing to give up on revenue for almost 4 days? We offer the following services - and - guarantee a 100% uptime to systems developed and deployed by CodeCoda end-to-end.

High Load Architecture Design

High Performance Apps and APIs

Refactoring of current infrastructures

System Support and Upgrade


Performance and stress testing

Delivery Process

How High Availability solutions are delivered

End-to-end implementation from infrastructure to high availability custom software solutions.

We architecture systems from the ground up, using cutting-edge tools to achieve the lowest possible access latencies. Software, which is designed by our experienced Software Engineers, and deployed on High-load infrastructures, performs better and achieves zero downtime.

We guarantee a 100% uptime on systems designed by us and deployed according to industry standards in the cloud, across datacenter regions. Zero Downtime stands for 100% availability of our clients' online services and is particularly important in the Banking, Fintech, and eCommerce industry.

CodeCoda system architects make use of the most efficient processes to deliver state of the art solutions to our clients. How does it work:


Analysis / Requirements

We work with our clients to analyze and devise in the best possible way to tackle particular problems. Requirements include a detailed description of the solution.



Our preliminary pipeline facilitates continuous integration and timely delivery. This solution works on a minimal infrastructure base and allows measurements as pragmatic as the real thing.



Our full scaling solutions happen on-site or in the cloud. We can even build solutions in hybrid environments, or across multiple cloud providers.



We develop the software solution according to our clients' specifications and requirements, taking load and execution times into account. Too slow? We pull the strings until we reach the minimum latency.


Testing and QA

CodeCoda QA engineers thoroughly test the solution before deploying it. This way we can see how the infrastructure shapes at an early stage.


Continuous Delivery

The process is continued until the full solution is delivered and tested. We are now able to scale up and down, and emulate a high load before setting the solution into production environments.

Advantages of High Load Systems


Performance and Efficiency

Tuning of infrastructure and software

Performance and Efficiency

Our teams create high-load applications that successfully handle a variety of performance challenges. We design system architectures that maintain high computing speeds and uninterrupted services with short response times. Our experts use load balancing and cloud computing capacities for efficient operations and real-time data processing.



Working 24/7/365 with no down time


High-load systems built by CodeCoda are ready to perform under pressure. We build architectures that handle component failures, such as software crashes and network outages, to ensure the high availability of user applications at any given time. Our goal is zero downtime, which is vital for almost any industry.



Scaling when connections scale. Automated!


Our Software Product Development teams build robust applications that can scale up or down according to current traffic demands - automatically! Scalable systems can handle a growing amount of load and user interactions without the need to get administrators involved.

High Load Systems Tech Stack

Tools, Programming Languages, Servers and Databases we use to achieve high load systems and zero downtime.

Java .net Python GoLang NodeJS React React Native Apache Nginx Traefik Load Balancing NoSQL Redis Mongo DB Apache Cassandra

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