Project Management (PM-O)

The last decade has seen a phenomenal increase in the outsourcing of services and has changed the way business is done. Cost constraints and quality improvement have been the main drivers for growth in Project Management Outsourcing.

What Project Management Outsourcing Is and Is Not

With origins rooted in software development, PM-O has slowly emerged in other operational areas like IT-enabled services, playing a significant role in support services such as call centers and help desks. PM-O has further given an impetus for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as a viable proposition in non-IT areas - e.g., routine and non-core operations in accounting and financial services, human resources administration, back-office, etc.

Our primary goal in offering PM-O services is to facilitate our clients in having an easy way to handle tasks that generally would overburden their internal Project Management staff. Most of the time, Project Managers require highly technical knowledge about the industry or projects they manage. This expertise is not necessarily in the range of internal PM’s expertise. Additional Training of internal PMs may not be manageable in the short-term.

By project management outsourcing (PM-O), we do not mean the regular project management included by default in all our primary IT services.

Our clients

We have PM-O expertise in

Client & Customer Service
Image Post Processing
Software Development
Graphics Design - UI/UX
Security Auditing
Data Entry
Business Processes
Change Management

Industries we serve

Fintech & Financial Services
Call Center
AI/ML/Deep Learning
DTP & Print

Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides a light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.

Joy Gumz, PMP

Joy GumzPMP

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CodeCoda can speed up the process of Project Management by providing Outsourced Project Managers to help your organization respond fast to changing needs.

We provide only highly experienced, battle-proven and certified PMs to our clients. All PM’s are constantly trained in problem-solving and Human Resource Management, guaranteeing that our clients get only the best of experiences.

Our PM-Os are available for dedicated work on your projects starting from six-month contracts. This allows your organization to plan and work with fixed monthly budgets. Once you hire an in-house PM, you can then easily replace our specialist with your own – we’ll even do the hand-over.

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