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BI solutions allow companies to take proactive decisions, based on hard data, and is entirely data-driven.

CodeCoda’s team of Business Intelligence experts integrate extensive data warehousing and reporting solutions. As a matter of fact, we also integrate and customize existing Business Intelligence software solutions, allowing our clients to find answers to their most demanding business problems.

The BI team at CodeCoda has in-depth experience with big data extraction methods, data aggregation, data grouping, data modeling, and data visualization. We apply the latest BI tools to produce compelling reports and reveal actionable recommendations.

Data is what you need to do
Information is what you need to do

- John Owen


Tech Stack

CodeCoda offers end-to-end BI consulting services using various BI tools like MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Hbase, BigSQL Data Lakes, AWS Redshift, Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Hadoop, SSIS, SSAS, Pentaho, Tableau, QlikView, Power BI and many others.


Data-Driven Decisions

Experienced business intelligence engineers and developers transform raw data into valuable business assets. We help companies leverage BI tools to eliminate human error and discover compelling key business metrics.


Business Strategy

Business intelligence solutions help businesses understand consumers and automate business processes. BI boosts profitability, determines business areas for extended growth, and drives digital transformations at scale.

Added Value of Business Intelligence

CodeCoda strives to add value to our clients operative business. Our custom developed BI solutions can help your business, using the below data driven decision taking methodologies.

Our BI experts, with nearly 10 years of expertise in a variety of industries, deliver insightful solutions to senior executives and business stakeholders. We extract, combine and build around Big Data by applying cutting edge tools. CodeCoda's BI specialists love data and above all, compiling this data into meaningful and valuable business assets.

Behavior Analysis

Process Optimization


Financial Prediction

Market Exploration

Market Insights


Digital Transformation

Delivery Process

How Business Intelligence projects are delivered

Data-driven decision making empowers business performance.

Business intelligence solutions developed by CodeCoda give businesses a competitive advantage. We have been working with clients in a variety of industries like finance, banking, fintech, gaming, gambling and ecommerce.

Our BI expert team has domain-specific knowledge in a variety of industries and we use a unique BI framework design process to satisfy our customers' demands for excellence. To achieve the best results, we apply a unique process layer:



We carry out an extensive audit on processes and available data.


Data Preparation

We prepare data for extraction into non-live working containers.


Extract / Transform / Load

We extract Data Sets, Transform and prepare them for Modeling.


Data Modeling

We apply the Data Definition Language and Data Modeling Language algorithms.



Models are applied to live data resulting in initial live reports.



We describe and define objects, resulting in Technical metadata.

Process Overview to BI Project delivery


Business Analysis

Business Requirements are established and data sources analyzed.

Business Analysis

Business needs and requirements are analyzed, potential data sources identified, requirements for end user reporting is collected. We engage in software architecture, define solid time frames and design the system.



BI Solution is developed and results validated and reviewed.


CodeCoda BI engineers develop a working solution. Outcoming Results are validated against Business Objectives. Finally performance is optimized. Our BI solutions are built on a flexible software architecture, allowing future management and maintenance throughout the lifecycle.


Lifecycle Management

Data is tested at different stages and optimized or improved.

Lifecycle Management & Maintenance

Our BI Solutions are tested at various stages throughout development and after deployment. We fully support and maintain deployed solutions. A flexible architectural approach allows any future improvements and optimsations of running processes.

BI Tech Stack

Tools and applications we use to build BI solutions.

Apache Hadoop Apache Spark Apache Kafka Apache Hive Apache Pig Apache Cassandra MS SQL Oracle AWS Redshift MySQL HBase SSIS SSAS Pentaho Tableau Power BI

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