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The evolution of blockchain software development services mimics the early years of the Internet. Right now, the blockchain technology seems to be reserved for a few chosen companies, but soon everyone will be using blockchains daily.

Blockchain based applications are an unbreakable trend, which we can not ignore. In the rapidly emerging blockchain ecosystem, a growing community of technical professionals is excited by decentralized applications based on blockchain. Our Outsourced Crypto Experts build the applications, and work behind the scenes to allow our customers to run successful ICOs. They handle all the dirty back-end automation work and manage assets within the Blockchain, end-to-end. Our experts have the valuable industry knowledge that enables them to advance your blockchain applications to market stage and beyond. This knowledge comes as a result from a variety of Crypto Applications we built for our clients over the years.

CodeCoda uses an unique combination of industry expertise to develop the most intricate software which meets your exact specifications. Bring us your toughest problems and our software engineers will enjoy coming up with the most creative and innovative solutions for all blockchain issues, removing any potential pain points that may occur during the development of such software.

How it works


Our customized workshops help us understand the customer requirements and identify areas where blockchain would add actual value. Our team of experts audits the use cases of our customers through our Value Analysis Framework, determine applicability of such cases and help customers by setting strong, effective and feasible goals.

Business Feasability Analysis

We take a closer look at the blockchain application ideas generated during the ideation phase. We assess our clients’ business potential by performing a complete technical, economic, legal, operational and scheduling study (TELOS). Main objectives include validation of the feasibility of the project and assessment of the various risk factors involved. 

Technical Feasibility Analysis

Our CodeCoda R&D analysts prepare a comprehensive report on blockchain and adjacent technologies including shared ledgers, distributed ledgers and smart contracts that could potentially be used for the project. By using proof-of-concepts, deep research and identity challenging frameworks, our digital analysts identify technologies fit for specific project requirements.


Solution architects perform an analysis of the selected blockchain platform and technologies, and devise a technical solution to rapidly build a minimum viable product (MVP).


Our technical architects design a foolproof architecture including the user interfaces and admin consoles for every software component. Our team of experts design APIs that will be integrated into the user interfaces to run the application at the backend.

End-to-End Development

Our Blockchain Developers and UI/UX Designers have years of experience across a broad range of blockchain frameworks. They will build an end-to end blockchain solution for you that amplifies the business impact and is future ready.


Before a blockchain solution is deployed to a live environment, it is first deployed to a test network in order to check its functionality. Our team facilitates the provisioning process for administrators, whom are in control of what app version is deployed to which resources..

Post-launch Support

CodeCoda's resources as an enterprise-grade company are used to support our clients and help them leverage the transformational impact of the blockchain and accelerate their business growth.

We have blockchain expertise in

Blockchain Application development
Distributed Ledgers
Money transfer solutions
Loyalty Programs
Cryptocurrency Platforms
Smart Contracts

Who we serve

Software & Advanced High Tech
Gaming & Gambling
Healthcare & Diagnosis

Anything that can conceive of as a supply chain, blockchain can vastly improve its efficiency- it doesn’t matter if its people, numbers, data, money.

Ginni Rometty, CEO IBM

Ginni RomettyCEO IBM

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