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77% of the world's population are online. With the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets, businesses are faced with expanding opportunities every day, which will radically change how their service or product is accessed and delivered. 

CodeCoda builds custom mobile applications for both Android and iOS. We design, build, and deploy, whilst adhering to the respective app store regulations. Transferring a website or an eCommerce solution into a custom mobile store can be a challenging and demanding task. Our Mobile Experts help by applying their expertise - and building robust, maintainable and attractive applications that fulfill the business' purposes.
Taking into account that over 77% of the Worlds population is "online" and uses mobile devices to shop, or to take informed decisions, Native Applications are the way for any business to move forward and tap into the ever growing user base and market.

Use cases of Mobile Applications


The rising usage of smartphones and tablets coupled with the mobile commerce is proving to be a boost for business owners. The combination of website and mobile app is not only escalating the revenue generation but also enhancing the user engagements and customer retention. Both factors are important to guarantee competitiveness in an ever growing global marketplace. 

Though there are millions of apps that get uploaded to the app stores for Android and IOS almost every other day, only a very few actually manage to make any impression. These apps have either a niche concept or exceptional functionality.

At CodeCoda, we know how to create engaging customer experiences, and tie those together with other online platforms to achieve the highest possible impact. Applications for Mobile, are normally tied to web based content creation platfoms, in which the product catalog is created, and then downloaded to the application on navigation demand. This combination allows the highest grade of maintainability especially for smaller merchants wanting to compete in the globalized market. 

Our Outsourced Mobile Experts are here to help you in finding the most suitable solution which can work for your business long-term, while still remaining cost effective.


The widespread adoption and use of mobile technologies opens up new and innovative ways to improve health and healthcare.

Medical mobile applications can help improve people's health and well-being and promote healthy living. Industry estimates show that 50% of smart device users (out of the more than 3.4 billion smartphone and tablet users) have a kind of health tracker or other para-medical or health-related app installed on their phone.

Medical service providers are encouraged to participate in the development of mobile medical apps that improve healthcare and provide valuable health information to both consumers and health professionals.

With most devices (smartphones or smartwatches) already equipped with pre-installed sensors, the development of mobile medical applications will be much easier and more appealing. With the increasing acceptance of users, their data with e.g. Professional health care, the potential in this industry are immense.


Fintech apps (or financial technology apps) are hugely popular nowadays as they change the way businesses conduct business. Although the fintech industry is relatively new, modern applications are changing the way customers use banking or personal finance services by using mobile technologies. Fintech facilitates electronic transactions.

How did Fintech come about? Fintech responded to the challenge of making financial systems more effective, and entrepreneurs in the finance and banking sector began to think outside the box.

Today, the term "fintech" encompasses various technological concepts that all relate to the financial services industry (including classic banking). In short, fintech apps are responsible for innovation in various areas of the financial industry. Fintech apps include various educational, retail banking and lending applications, peer-to-peer money transfer applications, investment apps, cryptocurrency apps and more.

As banks and financial institutions are quick to rely on modern technologies, most of them have been able to provide their customers with digital services only. Why do such digital banks thrive? Because they are able to reduce their costs and get direct access to customer information. In addition, the top players in the fintech market can lower fees and offer cheaper rates than those who have not yet modernized their processes.

At CodeCoda, our mobile experts are closely linked to the fintech industry. They have valuable knowledge that makes it easier for fintech companies to participate in the outsourced development of attractive mobile apps.


There are many use cases for wanting to build a mobile applications other than mentioned earlier. Popular Mobile Applications can include: Mobile Games, Content Applications like News, Sports, Events, Sport Results, eLearning and educational apps among others.

Experience create Opportunities. And no one teaches better than experience! For the past 3 years we have been expertly helping our clients make applications that are not only visually appealing, but also make good business sense.  We don't just listen, we understand your needs. Our enhanced and skillful knowledge base is utilized profitably by our loyal and global clients.

Our skilled team of analysts, UX experts and certified software engineers, who are passionate and dedicated to developing apps with outstanding quality, are always here to help our clients to tackle with their mobile app development needs.

When we say we deliver apps and solutions, we intend to do wonders for your business. Depending on your use cases, we'll build your application down to the last dot.

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The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.

David Murphy, Founder and Editor at Mobile Marketing Daily

David MurphyFounder and Editor at Mobile Marketing Daily

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