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Drag the sliders and adjust to the amount of internal IT in your organization, then calculate the hourly wage you are paying in average, then press 'Calculate' to receive an estimated remote team cost for an equivalent team of experts.


Frequently asked Questions

In order to get a good idea of how hiring remote development resources can help your company reducing cost, we created a calculator for calculations of potential cost savings.

No. In outsourcing everything depends on the technological stack you wish to outsource. We tried to keep average prices for comparison, however produced numbers can vary from case to case, or complexity prescribed by the project. We are certain that cost savings, comparing in-house teams to outsourced teams can vary between 20 and 67%, depending on the project itself. If you are in the need of a detailed offer contact us.

Depending on the technology, project, or timeframe, the cost is calculated based on a) technology being used, the amount of software engineers involved and can start as low as 19 USD p.Hour for senior staff in web technologies and reach up to around 40 USD p.Hour for AI / ML or BI specialists.
Additionally, important mentioning is that staff is used on an hourly basis. If your project is in need for a DB Administrator or a DevOps specialist, these can be added on an hourly basis and strictly as needed.
Kindly reach out to our Experts for a detailed offer to cover your project needs.

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Please see our page, highlighting the various forms of remote teams, their benefits, and categorization. Our consultants will be happy to guide you to ease the process of choosing and onboarding your remote team.

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