Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services

AI Engines increasingly take control of a variety of tasks, but fail under certain conditions. CodeCoda's AI Lab was created to take on, develop, and succeed in the most sophisticated algorithms.

Our specialists in artificial intelligence and machine learning work for you to help your algorithms succeed. Whether you're playing through risk scenarios, evaluating customer behavior, or controlling a range of drones in real-time, there are many scenarios in which applied machine learning or deep learning can help your business automate repetitive tasks. After all, a machine works round the clock on your behalf, deciding and executing at an incredibly fast pace, something that is impossible for humans.

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Mobile Applications Services

The world goes mobile. With 5G networks launching in the near future, mobile applications are set to see a great rise and revived interest by small and large businesses alike.

CodeCoda develops custom mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. We design, build and deploy those, adhering to respective app store regulations. Transferring a web site, eCommerce solution into a custom mobile store can be a challenging and demanding task. Our Mobile Experts help by applying their expertise - and building robust, maintainable and attractive applications that fulfill the businesses purpose.
Taking into account that over 77% of the Worlds population is "online" and uses mobile devices to shop, or make informed decisions, Native Applications are the way for any business to move forward and tap into the ever-growing user base and market.

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Intelligent eCommerce Services

eCommerce is the art of selling products or services in the 21st century. Unlock the next level of your eCommerce initiative. Our solutions keep your operations lightweight and expandable, and grow with you as your business grows.

Just starting up by tapping into the global economy? Already running eCommerce? We know your troubles. Nowadays businesses are customer‚ÄĎcentered and evolving according to customers demands. We build eCommerce solutions, which can easily expand, go mobile and serve 100 or 1 Million Customers. Our technological knowhow provides for the success of your business.
Our specialists can even help by providing the full scope of materials necessary to maintain your catalog updated, provide edited photo material and keep your customers satisfied, all on demand.

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Custom Web Development Services

Creating compelling web presences in an ever competitive globalized environment is a must. Our UI/UX experts create the perfect corporate or business web application for your company.

Wheather you need to build a demanding corporate presence, a new prototype service, an API or any service your business demands, our web specialists provide solutions to your problems. Our specialists have been engaged in hundreds of projects advancing the level of User Interaction, by creating successful corporate business web sites and applications for our customers around the globe.
With a proven track record in successful launches, we provide the knowledge to make your online business stand out from competitors.

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Gaming and Gambling Services

We create Games or build platforms to engage your customers in a dazzling gaming or gambling experiences. Whether you are in the need to build a game for your customers to play, or a platform which allows you to manage customer assets in gambling, our experts know the way.

Building a game to engage your customers? Need a content platform for eSports gaming events? CodeCoda is the right partner. Providing our expertise, we can help deploying the perfect solution for your business goals. With inhouse development we can build certified Random Number Generators down to the dazzling experiences your customers will love. Main focus when engaging in gaming and gambling activities is attractiveness and end-user experience. We know what counts and helps to retain your customers.

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IT outsourcing services

We specialize in Advanced Custom Software development, tailored to your business needs!

Fintech Services

With Fintech it's all about developing innovative and prototype solutions like wallets, crypto applications or applications that allow customers to undertake financial transactions.

With Fintech, we know, you sometimes have the ideas and the knowledge, but not necessarily the skills and resources to build the applications you envision to serve your specific market segment. It makes perfect sense to outsource the development of those solutions to a team of experts in the field, and in parallel safe money and time.
Our digital experts can analyse and build your custom solution, while at the same time making sure your business stays at the latest stage of technological advancements. Need to apply AI to cover risk? Need BigData Data Warehousing solutions to cover millions of customers? We have a solution for your problem at hand. All conveniently in-house!

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Cryptocurrencies / Blockchain Services

Looking to building the next big thing in Crypto? Running an ICO and looking for the behind the scenes Tech? Crypto and Blockchain Technology is hot, we know....

Crypto Applications are a trend which we cannot ignore. In the rapidly emerging blockchain ecosystem, a growing community of technical professionals are excited by decentralized applications built based on the blockchain. Our Crypto Experts create the applications, running behind the scenes to allow our customers to run successful ICOs and handle all the dirty back-end work of automation and managing assets in the Blockchain. Our experts have the valuable industry knowledge to advance your crypto applications to market stage and beyond, by applying deep insights and expertise gained over a variety of Crypto Applications we created for our customers.

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Project Management Services

Managing a team of experts and resources, as well as the assets behind the scenes.

Project Management is one of the most undervalued tasks in the context of outsourced execution of projects. Our experienced Outsourced Project Managers work with your technical or business departments to guarantee the flawless process of integration work, executed by our technical experts. All our Project Managers are trained battle-proven industry experts with experience in a variety of industries, managing communications, teams, processes, monitoring, development and product delivery.
Project management is an essential part of any outsourced activity and an integral part of what we do. Additionally, we provide Project Management Outsourcing Services (PM-O), which allows you to hire a highly qualified PM for third party projects, or even to take on tasks for your internal business departments - all on-demand!

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UI/UX Design Services

We design User Interfaces based on User Interaction and best practices. Your users will love it!

Hiring the right professional UX/UI designer for your designs is crucial for making your project highly successful. It also gives your clients the right impression of your brand, converting loyal visitors into happy customers.
CodeCoda's Digital Designers bring the experience to make any project, web, mobile, or app a complete success. With many years of experience across a series of industries, our UI/UX experts can make the difference, deciding on the success of a project.

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