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Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) helps businesses to build complex analytical algorithms, which support competitive intelligence. We collect, analyze and process data, helping businesses and service providers thrive.

CodeCoda makes it easier for businesses to turn their raw data into strategic business insights. We offer Data Science as a Service and create complex analytics systems for technology businesses and service providers. Our Data Scientists are true masters in harnessing the power of data. We create custom data analysis tools used to process big amounts of data. We convert data into meaningful and understandable information that moves your business forward.

We transform structured and unstructured data into clear visual metrics that can drive business decisions. By visualizing the results, our Data Scientists make findings understandable for non-technical users and business stakeholders. Our nearshore development teams automate data processing and integrate Big Data analytics into your existing workflow.

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- Gordon Gekko


Tech Stack

Our Data Scientists utilize all languages from this discipline, like Scala, C/C++, Python, R, GoLang, Java, SQL. They utilize tools like Apache Spark, Pig, Hive frameworks, Apache Hadoop, Cassandra, SAS, and many others. Additionally, due to our expertise in AI and Machine Learning, the horizon has even broadened. Every Data Science project has it's own proven tech stack, including several technologies in order to achieve business goals.


Predictive Modeling

Predictive modeling is the process used by CodeCoda's Data Scientists to harvest data and forecast for optimal outcomes. Each model is developed for specific predictors, variables that are likely to influence future results. Once data has been collected, a reliable statistical model is formulated. We create both classification and regression models to support virtually any part of your business: from business strategy to marketing to distribution or operations.


Data Science and Machine Learning

The power of Machine Learning, when it digests huge sets of structured or unstructured data, is inconceivable. Our Data Scientists, together with Machine Learning experts, create custom Deep Learning Models to match your data sets. They integrate cutting edge AI frameworks like Keras, TensorFlow, MatLib, CNTK, Torch and many others. Our Data Scientists also use other AI Methods, such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) or Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), to drill down into the raw data-producing structured data sets.

Added Value of Data Science

CodeCoda strives to add value to our clients' operative business. Our custom developed data science solutions can help your business with data-driven decisions.

Our Data Scientists, with nearly 10 years of experience in a variety of industries, deliver insightful data, fully visualized to senior executives and business stakeholders. We extract, combine and build around all sorts of Data by applying cutting edge tools. CodeCoda's experts love data and above all, compiling this data into meaningful and valuable business assets. CodeCoda supplies end-to-end solutions.

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Data Science as a Service (DSaaS)

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Delivery Process

How Data Science projects are delivered

Analyzing Data helps businesses identify important signals.

CodeCoda delivers end-to-end data science projects by following a detailed process. Scoping helps define KPIs and sets clear expectations on the overall outcome. Data exploration helps to get an in-depth understanding of project goals and set the technical aspects. Once data exploration is done, our data engineers, developers and data scientist design and create the best course of action. During the production phase, they predict the form and the complexity of the chosen solution.
New models are developed, and experimental frameworks are set-up. With the required infrastructure in place, actual model development can begin in earnest. While developing the model, different versions of it (and the data processing pipeline accompanying it) will be continuously tested against the predetermined hard metric(s).
Once models are set-up in production environments and data pipelines are in place, monitoring is added to the pipeline to check on performance.



Data scientists analyze the impact of data volumes, the variety of data and the velocity on business impact.



We help enterprises define effective data management strategies and identify important signals by scoping the data flow.



We analyze data, scope and technical feasibility. We create custom data processing models.



Our data scientists develop self-learning algorithms and solutions which process and analyze data in real-time.



We set-up Solution Production Environments and Monitoring. We make sure your solution provides scalable data ingestion and processing across the entire predicted lifecycle.



Our Experts Monitor and maintain your Data Science project continuously even after the final deployment.

Process Overview of Data Science Project delivery


Ideation / Scoping

Analysis, Scoping, KPIs

Ideation / Scoping

Data Scientists analyze the impact of data volumes, the variety of data and the velocity on businesses business impact. We help enterprises define effective data management strategies and identify important signals by scoping the data flow. This way our systems are capable of tracking critical variables.


Research / Development

Research, Data Modeling, Algorithms

Research / Development

We create custom data, processing models. Our experts develop self-learning algorithms and solutions which process and analyze data in real-time. Additionally, we can integrate analytics tools into a reporting and visualization system. We also offer solutions based on your primary platform.



Insights, Competitive advantages, Operations, Cost


Transformation of collected data into actionable insights, graphs, and visuals that are easy to interpret by business stakeholders and non-technical staff is the main target. We ensure that these insights provide competitive advantages, make data-driven decisions possible, improve operations, cut costs, and increase revenues.

Data Science Tech Stack

Tools and applications we use to build Data Science solutions.

Keras Tensorflow Matlib CNTK Torch / PyTorch Apache Spark Hadoop Apache Hive Apache Pig Cassandra Python GoLang C R C++ Java SAS SPSS

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