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We are CodeCoda, We analyse plan build deploy IT Solutions

Many IT Outsourcing Solutions already exist. We are different in many aspects. We analyse, plan, build and finally deploy your solution to your own data centre or in the cloud. CodeCoda offers bespoke IT outsourcing services for our clients around the world, in a wide variety of high tech industries!

Analysis Analysis
Planning Planning
Build Build
  • Deploy
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Industries we engage in

Artificial Intelligence / ML

Our specialists can support your AI engine with Supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforcement Learning models. We plan, build and deploy working Machine Learning packages which will meet your business needs.


We build the world’s most exciting blockchain and cryptocurrency projects by implementing the mechanisms necessary to either run your own blockchain or build your business logic on top of smart-contracts, pre or post ICO.


Keeping operations lightweight and running your eCommerce platforms customer-centric is key in a competing world of online merchants. Our specialists build platforms that integrate into your workflow. They can also connect you to trading platforms such as Amazon.

Gaming & Gambling

Building certified solutions for the gaming and gambling industry. From content platforms to Random Numbers Generators, our experts can help in a variety of ways to build compelling products which ensure consumer interaction and steady revenue flows for our customers.

UI / UX - Graphic Design

A professional UX/UI design for your website or mobile app is very important for making your project highly successful and retaining loyal visitors. Our experienced Graphic Designers will engage in your projects from Design to User Experience.

Content Management / Web Apps

Whether it's custom web design for your corporate presence, releasing a complicated web site for sports events, or an online wallet for your banking service, our web experts will analyze, mock, design, build, test and deploy it. Targeting 100 users or a million, we have the tech.

Fintech / Banking

Building innovative products in the Banking and Fintech industry is a speciality we are proud of. We help to build complicated and interoperable services that integrate into your corporate legacy infrastructure, adding value to your bank or Fintech operation.

Mobile Applications

CodeCoda provides outsourced mobile development specialists. From mobile games to communication apps, highly skilled UI/UX designers and technicians integrate and deploy your custom application to iOS and Android App Stores.

Media Services

We serve industry clients in the Print, Publishing and other IT related industries like eCommerce by providing end-to-end media services, ranging from image post processing, clipping, masking to content provisioning and copywriting.

These are just some of our Services.

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Who We Are

CodeCoda is your Advanced Software Engineering partner located in Europe.

Typically we work with startups, small to medium size enterprises and Fortune 500 companies to provide first class IT outsourcing, R&D and Custom Software development. We engage in all sizes of projects, spanning from several months to long term software development projects, lasting years.
We scale fast. Typically within 15 to 30 days of contract acceptance we have the highly skilled teams assembled to work on your project - in any technology demanded by our customers.

I personally guarantee our customers satisfaction.

No ifs or buts. We deliver!

A. Maier, CEO