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To hire the right professional UX/UI designer for your designs is most important for making your project highly successful and giving your customers the right impression of your brand, converting loyal visitors into happy customers. CodeCoda's Digital Designers stand out from the crowd, knowing precisely what it takes to compete in a global marketplace for the first "impression".

More and more companies are recognising the value of investing in a customer experience that makes them stand out from the competition. That experience is the determining factor on whether or not the customer will decide to keep doing business with a brand.

75% of companies believe they‘re customer-centric, only 30% of consumers agree.

Capgemini, 2017

Delivering a great customer experience has become a top strategic objective for many companies around the world. However, here‘s the bad news: many companies are still failing in their efforts, and what‘s worse, they might not even realise it.

In today‘s global market environment, both winning over new customers, and retaining existing ones, has become essential for any type of business.

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Customer Experience First!

With usability in mind we design the best of breed interfaces, allowing natural navigation for your customers, making it easy to achieve the set purpose. Whether eCommerce or corporate design, our experienced and dedicated outsourced design specialists can help you surpass the status quo!

By investing in your CX, you will drive more revenue to your business and decrease your marketing costs. In research made by Capgemini, 8 out of 10 customers stated they are willing to pay more for an improved performance. The second most important topic is retention. In general, acquisition costs for new customers is higher than the retention costs for existing customers. With well performing CX, you can reduce the costs of both - acquisition and retention.

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How it works

Stage 1



Getting to know you and your project. We will review its objectives, what you want to achieve, and discuss possible solutions. Ultimately a project proposal is presented and approved to move forward.

Stage 2



This is the planning stage of the project. We will understand what your goals and objectives are, and develop a solid and realistic plan to achieve them. Time to officially get the project going.

Stage 3



This is an iterative stage that cycles around strategy, design, and user experience. Today's applications require us to work differently: we will prototype, review, and refine our product as we go.

Stage 4



Once the project has been launched, it is time to evolve. To assure achieving all business objectives, we must track and measure the progress of the application, and help it evolve into a better solution.

Stage 5

A/B Testing

Split Tests

We continuously test elements, pages, variations of your design to discover better performing funnels. After all performance is what counts. Stage 4 + 5 are integral parts to assure User Experience in combination with funnel optimizations.

With transparent delivery processes, excellent communication and a flexible approach, we create custom User Experience design to all types of businesses, and for all types of applications - ranging from Web, Mobile to Desktop apps.

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Web Industry
Mobile Vendors
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Print & DTP
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The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable.

Blake Ross, Co-creator of Mozilla Firefox

Blake RossCo-creator of Mozilla Firefox

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User Interface and User Experience are not equally the same to Customer eXperience.

The process of evolution in a design and improving it's results is critical to any on- or offline application.

CodeCoda's creative designers build wireframes, mockups and can process all graphics materials end-to-end.

Create your new and innovative design for any digital experience now and use our experienced digital designers to your businesses advantage.

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