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We help our clients to implement end-to-end digital transformations. CodeCoda plans the necessary steps and assembles a dedicated development team that delivers innovative solutions and great digital experiences.

Businesses across all industries are facing increasing technological competition. Naturally, businesses respond by rethinking their digital strategies and adopting new technologies. CodeCoda development teams help companies efficiently switch to digital rails and fill in any existing and future technological gaps.

Our analysts and engineers ensure that the chosen digital transformation creates tangible business results, such as reduced costs, increased revenues, and better customer engagement. At CodeCoda, we provide extended teams working within full-scale development centres in order to drive and maintain digital transformation strategies on behalf of our clients.

Every once in a while, a
new technology,
old problem,
and a
big idea
turn into an

- Dean Kamen


Digital Platforms

Aging software and flawed infrastructure are known problems in the industry. We help enterprises secure their software and keep their infrastructure at the latest stage of technological advancements. CodeCoda's engineering talent pool is available for clients who want to use digital media to their full potential.


Large Scale Transformations

CodeCoda can handle digital transformations of any scale and scope. With a multitude of experts, who are part of our dedicated teams, we transform, modernise and streamline any transformation process. We create superior software solutions, enabling our clients to boost their digital experiences.


Technical Stack

Vast engineering expertise of CodeCoda teams is the most reliable proof of our digital transformation capabilities. We extensively use the latest technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, AI, Blockchain, and many others.

Added Value of the Digital Transformation Services

Our experts and consultants will help you cut through the marketing noise, and target solely at solutions that bring genuine value to your business operations.

Our Experts with over 15 years of relevant expertise in Digital Transformations for a variety of industries, deliver solutions end-to-end. From planning, architecture, DevOps to building high performant software systems, newly from scratch, or transform or expand current legacy systems. CodeCoda's experts will also help you implement respective procedures corresponding to changing IT systems and train people in new processes and system usage. We are highly skilled in the following transformations (but not limited to):

Digital Transformation from strategy planning to implementation

Digital Transformation driven by Data Science, Big Data and BI

Decentralised Blockchain applications

Enterprise mobility solutions

Enterprise Content Management transformations

Customer Communications Management transformations

How it works

How Digital Transformation Services are delivered

We add value to businesses by transforming aging software and processes into an agile working solution.

Every transformation process starts with a discovery. We will deeply investigate software, processes and build a viable strategy for your business. Our dedicated teams will implement it and help your internal stakeholders easily adopt it and start using the new and improved ways and processes

Our experienced digital experts will walk you through the process of discovery, roadmap creation toward an Agile Transformation process. With vast experience gathered on client projects in the past, our experts know where to pay attention, and which way transformations can be seamlessly integrated into your organizations structure and processes.

Our analytical workflow does not leave any gap in analyzing your business, using Business Intelligence and Data Science to discover business potential. We will future proof your business, implementing open procedures which can be later expanded or adopted to changing business demands.



CodeCoda professionals schedule a series of discovery sessions to fully understand our clients business operations and identify the necessary technological shifts. Our senior engineers and consultants work closely with your team to analyse existing legacy systems and establish the requirements for the transformation initiative.



A clear digital transformation roadmap is essential for any significant change mission. Our digital experts develop a comprehensive plan, describing how precisely our technological expertise will align with your business objectives. We set goals, estimates, and milestones, which based on our expertise can be seamlessly executed.


Data Science and BI

As a data-driven organisation, CodeCoda discovers business potential of our clients data. We leverage data science, business intelligence, and machine learning to eliminate transformation risks, achieve predictable results, and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Agile Transformation

Our Digital specialists transform legacy applications and organisations into agile businesses, allowing our clients to adopt new technologies at a much faster pace. Our teams help clients embrace experimentation and iterative delivery. We also scale extended teams quickly and offer support services for digital solutions.

Who is Digital Transformation for?


Finance, Fintech, Banking

Building robust and innovative applications for the Fintech Industry

Finance, Fintech, Banking

Our engineers work with leading Fintech and banking institutions. We have extensive experience in building robust solutions for the financial services industry. Our experts guarantee the highest level of security for digital transformation solutions dealing with financial and sensitive data.



We build secure solutions for Telecom providers


Our software engineers help global telecom providers define new digital strategies, diversify services, and empower their all-connected consumers. We help Telco companies leverage smart calling, secure data, mobile payments, digital wallets, authentication technologies, and many other technologies.



We help manufacturers reduce cost by streamlining processes


CodeCoda provides software development services for enterprise mobility and logistics solutions. Our extended teams help clients reduce production costs, optimise operations, improve distribution efficiency, boost equipment utilisation and product quality.

Digital Transformation Tech Stack

Tools and applications we use in Digital Transformation initiatives.

Big Data AI / Machine Learning Cloud Blockchain Business Intelligence Enterprise Content Management Data Science

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