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CodeCoda builds cloud-based solutions for enterprises and startups. Our dedicated development teams build secure and scalable cloud infrastructures for any type of application.

Software vendors, startups, and enterprises are shifting their deployments towards Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) business models. CodeCoda has unique cloud expertise to help you implement a seamless transition from on-site or dedicated data center to the cloud.

Cloud solutions development solves several critical server issues like the ability to scale and high load. Our dedicated development teams help companies build software infrastructures and process big data in the cloud. With this technology, the servers are distributed and managed globally. Cloud computing enables secure storage of corporate data and makes applications freely available from any location and for any device.

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Development Lifecycle

CodeCoda has vast experience in every stage of the cloud development life cycle. Our Experts will guide you through every step, starting from requirements collection, functional specifications development, design, to the migration or transition to the cloud infrastructure. We support our clients throughout the entire lifecycle, even after deployments in the cloud. Software architects design cloud systems with highest availability in mind. This ensures that your cloud-based applications remain operational, even in the event of any datacenter failure.


Secure and Scalable Solutions

Cloud computing has changed the overall IT industry. CodeCoda's cloud experts have implemented a vast amount of scalable cloud-based solutions for Fintech, Banking, Games and Gaming, Media, and many other industries. Our experts build secure software infrastructures on top of the most advanced cloud platforms currently available. Cloud Platforms we deploy and maintain include: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GC), Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson and Softlayer for infrastructure and Oracle Exadata for scalable DB deployments.



Our dedicated cloud expert teams build efficient cloud applications and secure SOA architectures. Safely transitioning to the cloud enables businesses to scale, and adds flexibility to business processes. Digital transformations, from large scale legacy applications to the cloud, become a snap when managed properly by dedicated cloud developers. We hold relevant expertise in transitioning processes executed for several large scale businesses like EFG Eurobank, Bank of Cyprus, Kinguin in the gaming vertical, as well as the YOU Hotels Group in hospitality.

Added Value of Cloud Solutions

CodeCoda strives to add value to our clients operative business. The Cloud allows to scale on demand, work securely and provides near endless resources.

With CodeCoda, being our client means a one-stop-shop to enter the cloud sphere, and your business gains the expertise to compete with leading companies. While on-premise data centers are still valid, the cloud reduces time to market and provides bank grade security, particularly with regard to GDPA. We deliver following end-to-end solutions:

Cloud applications development

Cloud infrastructure services

Microservices (SOA) architectures

Cloud solutions for AI, BI & Big Data

Consulting services


Why Cloud

Benefits of Cloud Deployments

Cloud Computing brings several advantages to businesses. The most important from a technical point of view are listed here.

Many companies position the low initial costs and pay-as-you-go models of cloud based computing as a very significant cost saving. Many companies note the considerable cost of building and operating own data centers and argue for avoiding that to save money.
One of the major concerns of every business, regardless of size and industry, is data security. Data breaches and other cybercrimes can devastate a company’s revenue, customer loyalty and brand positioning. Major cloud computing providers offer many advanced security features that guarantee that data and applications are securely stored and handled.
CodeCoda is dedicated in helping our clients leverage the full potential of cloud based application deployments by applying our extensive expertise in the field.



Cloud-based products, applications and services are accessible from anywhere and for any device. Whatever device, be it a Mobile Phone, PC, Mac, or Tablet, the user can seamlessly connect to a distributed cloud infrastructure, with literally no latency, from anywhere in the world.



Cloud solutions are responsive to sudden workload surges, which allows automated scaling of resources almost instantly. Businesses can promptly scale up their performance capacity to match rising loads and consecutively scale down when the peak loads are over.



Deploying cloud infrastructure is more secure than keeping your data and applications on-site. Cloud service providers use high-end systems to protect sensitive data and achieve compliance. Cloud Providers also assign dedicated resources to solve any information security issues.


Faster time to market

With cloud computing, there is no need to build and maintain a platform for code deployments. Cloud infrastructure dramatically reduces time to market for new applications and features. Software updates can also be delivered more frequently and with less hassle (CI/CD).

Process Overview to Cloud Solutions delivery



Business Requirements & Functional Requirements Collection


Business needs and business requirements are analyzed, with potential bottlenecks and problematic areas identified. A solution plan is created before any software or infrastructure architecture proposals.



Software & Network Architecture, Development, Deployment

Architecture, Build, Deploy

CodeCoda Software and Infrastructure Architects implement the solution based on previously gathered requirements. Cloud Development Engineers develop flexible code based on the specifications, which after extensive testing is finally deployed. Any software solution we deliver is flexible, allowing future updates and maintenance throughout the lifecycle.


Lifecycle Management

Monitoring, Maintenance, Optimization

Lifecycle Management & Maintenance

Our Cloud Solutions are tested at various stages throughout development, before and after deployment. We fully support, expand and maintain deployed solutions. A flexible architectural approach allows future improvements and optimizations.

Cloud Tech Stack

The tools, platforms and applications we use to build Cloud Solutions vary heavily depending on the cloud platform used. This section is merely a very top level overview and do not constitute a technological limitation.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud (GC) Microsoft Azure IBM Watson Softlayer Docker Kubernetes Git SVN Codedeploy

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