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CodeCoda builds Progressive Web Applications (PWA), offering next-generation, ultra-fast, offline available, content-driven applications. We engage this technology where speed is critical, or offline capabilities matter. eCommerce and Media are some of the fields where PWAs finds heavy demand, and fully take advantage of one of the technology’s main factors – load time.

Progressive Web Apps make use of modern web capabilities, delivering native mobile app experience to users. The PWA technology is not a new technology per se, but a combination of features that resemble the convenience and feel of native apps. PWA highlights the benefits directly deriving from the mobile-first approach embedded in this technology.

CodeCoda Software engineers enable businesses to play in the leaders’ league, boosting web performance and enhancing customer experience, which immediately results in increased conversions. PWAs are the logical advancement of Single Page Applications (SPA). CodeCoda, through various initiatives and partnering with leading PWA technology providers, has the necessary hands-on experience to design, strategize, and build the highest standard progressive applications.

Technology Landscape
Business Problems
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- Piotr Karwatka, CTO


Use Case: eCommerce

With 40% of transactions in 2018 taking place on mobile devices, consumers are increasingly relying on their smartphones and tablets to shop online. Today’s consumers demand that mobile-first should be in the spotlight, not desktop.


Use Case: Media and News

Digital transformation impacts the media industry. From newspapers to news channels to over the top content (OTT), the entire industry is undergoing a fundamental rehaul. Changing consumer expectations dictate the digital changes of today, as well as the rising need for instant access to content on any device.


Use Case: SPA & Blogs

Like in eCommerce and Media, PWAs are the perfect technology to serve mission-critical content. From as SPAs designed web apps to blogs, Progressive Web Applications help users to have a flawless mobile app experience, indistinguishable from that on native apps. Speed and offline readability of content become inherently important.

Added Value of Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce

Our software engineers build solutions that bring ultra fast, mobile optimized Customer Experience to any device.

CodeCoda has partnered with technology providers such as VueStorefront. VSF is a PWA frontend which transforms Magento or Shopware eCommerce solutions into a headless CMS and provides a mobile-first optimized experience for online shoppers.

The incredible performance of the PWA technology can significantly improve conversion rates and engagement while lowering bounce rates.
PWAs also provide native functionalities such as push notifications, home-screen access, and full-screen mode. Progressive Web Apps also make sure the store is accessible in offline mode or through a poor connection, on any device.

<h2>Added Value of Progressive Web Apps for <strong>eCommerce</strong>
Why us?

Extended Experience delivering PWA Solutions

Progressive Web Applications bring several advantages to web-centric businesses. The most important ones — from a technical point of view — are listed here.

PWAs deliver the functionality of native mobile apps without the need for consumers to download anything to their devices. It does not mean that mobile app stores will vanish. However, many businesses are already eliminating the cost of maintenance for both and PWA comes effectively into play.

As growing numbers of companies abandon apps in favor of PWAs, app design/development teams enjoy the convenience of using one codebase for all devices. Another benefit of using PWAs - they don't need approval from app stores or to be marketed to consumers.


Workability with every phone, browser and user


Fits to every screen size


Works Online or Offline


Easy Searching capabilities


Updated Content Viewing


Secure and Navigation just like an App


Notifications on the go


Anytime access everywhere

3 Benefits of Progressive Web Apps


Offline Availability

Content availability without network

Offline Mode

PWA applications can preload content while online and be used in offline mode, or in bad network conditions later on. Interactions with server-side infrastructure can be executed once a network becomes available again.


Near Native Interface

Full Screen and fits on any device

Near Native Interface

No Browser Bar and Fullscreen mode are PWAs main characteristics. They have a nice and organic feel and allow for easy access through the familiar home screen icon.


Lightning fast

Latest Browser friendly technology

Ultra fast loading

PWAs can be pre-loaded by Browsers. Making use of the latest caching technologies ultimately helps conversions by dropping page load times to a minimum. Effectively, after the initial load, only content is transferred between the back and the front.

PWA Tech Stack

Progressive Web Applications rely heavily on a JavaScript-based tech stack. CodeCoda's expertise in Javascript based frameworks is a vital asset when delivering the next generation in user-friendly and strongly optimized mobile performance apps.

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