Powerful Tech Stack

With the help of a powerful new tech stack, Shopware 6 has a secure infrastructure organized around a reliable interface administration, beautiful front-end capabilities, and an abundance of useful plugins. This bundle functionalities —coming directly from the community who made them, and know how to use them best—opens ways towards a near-endless string of opportunities for eCommerce customization.

With less required knowledge on the platform itself, the new version enables even non-tech shop owners to test and scale-up the reach of their commerce. Gone are the days when even simple changes required the touch of a specialist. Shopware is created with the idea that its complexity stays within its infrastructure, enabling easy-to-use interface and the previously impossible ideas coming to fruition.

The eCommerce solutions available through Shopware 6 are omni-inclusive. With the flexibility possible through an open-source approach, Shopware serves as a public workshop where diverse strategies for improved shopping experience come to life.

Powerful Tech Stack
The benefits of API-first approach

The benefits of API-first approach

The best part about the API-first plan exercised by the platform is that it makes the purchasing process available at any point in time. It does not matter where shoppers come from or the type of device they use. Products are available from everywhere and on all devices.

The API-first method is ideal for integrating existing frameworks or content management systems. If you already run a platform based on CRM, ERP, or PWA, Shopware has the flexibility for seamless integration of such management systems. Commerce owners can use Shopware to either keep their existing business model or optimize it as a response to present changes and demands of the market.

Global possibilities for local marketers

Shopware is a global game-changer in commerce, and we are proud to introduce these new advancements to shop owners around the globe. The platform does not discriminate between new or established businesses. With Shopware 6, inspiring commerce website owners can now revise their ambition-driven achievements, supported by a community of developers and designers who already have invaluable knowledge and experience in the industry.

The power of Shopware 6 quickly spreads, and with it, the online competition reaches a new level of intensity. With the empowering technologies and the open-source approach to shopping cart solutions today, online merchants are quickly evening out their market advantages. With Shopware, a successful eCommerce becomes more about planning and using available resources to fit existing business goals; and less about being limited by budget requirements.

Competitive advantages through tools like Shopware show that what should be the focus of online vendors is how their content is presented to the client. Shopware is the supreme connection between commerce and content. With limitless capabilities for design, layout, and data display, customers recognize the positive effect of Shopware as a tool they can use to reach maximum sales potential.

Global possibilities for local marketers
Customer Experience oriented eCommerce

Customer Experience oriented eCommerce

Shopping online is more about having a fulfilling journey, and Shopware holds everything needed to create an engaging and memorable experience for even the most pretentious of shoppers.

In the past, the value and quality of online shopping used to vary across devices and channels. Today, we bring customer experience, previously reduced to mere transaction and exchange, back into the spotlight, where it belongs. With a more customized eCommerce site, customers feel more involved in the buying process than the mere product itself. At the top of the chain, successful brands manage to create an emotional attachment between customers and their products, consequently increasing their value. That's is what we are after when building shopping cart solutions for online businesses.

It took two years of development, but with Shopware 6 ready now, we step onto new grounds for online interactions. Free from constant template-based repairs and related technical problems, we present a rich and engaging content through clean product listings, flexible category pages, and accurate and easily updated item descriptions. With all the enabling features at our disposal, Shopware-powered eCommerce has never been so exciting, compelling, and available.

Supreme management & customization

Shopware supports a variety of projects and communication channels. Its centralized management system puts you in control of every aspect of the sales process, including the incredibly important customer engagement. With Shopware's control over social media channels and how they affect commerce, business grows along the client's comfort zone.

Shopware 6 brings customization to exceptional levels. Commerce channels, language setup, currency, and exchange rates are all managed centrally by the platform. This core structure ensures that all available assets are properly interconnected, with transparent operations that are easy to follow and maintain. With the help of this incredibly flexible core base, Shopware has a solution for even the most complicated shopping cart scenarios.

Supreme management & customization
Multifaceted solution for all-size businesses

Multifaceted solution for all-size businesses

Growing a business comes with experience. We develop projects with global reach and recognize marketers who work locally but has necessary potential to leap abroad. Shopware is designed to satisfy business needs regionally, as well as internationally. Upscaling a business to new grounds is a big challenge, but with Shopware, it remains an open possibility.

Different regions come with specific rules for checkout and price forming. International business can be a problem with the many potential legal and cultural conflicts. Our practice has taught us to anticipate and comprehend all legal and technical requirements in advance and adapt the platform to address them. Language versions, unit format, or product options are only part of the puzzle that solutions for online commerce websites usually represent. Fortunately, with Shopware, we hold all the components necessary to build a complete picture.

Significant changes in commerce websites like migration, a design revamp, or database updates are usually an organizational nightmare, even for an experienced IT crowd.

Component Highlights: Rule Builder

One of our favorite configurations features within Shopware is the so-called Rule Builder. We use this tool to adjust country-specific factors like prices and shipping charges. We effectively incorporate regional conditions like these with our customers' profiles. This method is why we deliver an authentic and personalized experience, preferred by many companies.

The influence of online commerce websites is breaking country borders, but business laws are not even the only legal restriction shoppers have to consider when expanding businesses. Shopware supports customization that is in accord with strict business requirements. For example, you can set a 15% discount for shoppers coming from a specific country, or a 'same-day delivery' for premium shipping. These are only a few of the many useful, and sometimes inevitable, options that can be attached to the shopping process.

Component Highlights: Rule Builder
The B2B side of Shopware

The B2B side of Shopware

B2B calls for a full set of requirements - customization, personalization, and flexibility. Behind a powerful content distribution, stands the API-first approach. We have adapted this beneficial circumstance to match the local business models and support them. A lot of local people running an online business, just like anywhere else in the world, are already using a platform and naturally prefer to stick to what they know. With the supreme capabilities of Shopware, however, opportunities to upgrade to a new platform without losing data or functionalities become possible.

When a company grows, the distribution of internal roles become increasingly challenging. Shopware has an elegant solution for this problem - through a task and team allocation management. The platform facilitates company responsibilities distribution where the right tasks are handled by the best possible human or AI resource.

The positive effects of Shopware to B2B are evident - sales structures can survive transitions to new platforms while existing business models remain untouched. Shopware B2B Suite shows high efficiency in organizing internal processes and accurately distributing available tasks. It highlights the dynamics of the connection between sales agents and critical customers and reveals ways to improve on those through accurate reports.

Price conditions are fundamentally different in B2B and B2C. There are certain preferential benefits in B2B over services offered to the end consumer, and Shopware recognizes that dependency too. Special price options are available - they are indispensable when customizing individual offers. This functionality supports both B2B and B2C with unique schemes available for the technical, financial, and sales departments for each scenario.

Business customers use more channels for purchasing from other businesses than they do from end consumers. B2B buying procedures are usually higher in volume and are part of long-term agreements with significant benefits. Shopware 6 supports B2B interaction through a multitude of supporting tools. It converts all the complex B2B financial matters into a process that is easy to follow and maintain.

Shopware's Ecosystem

The number of Shopware clients around the globe has hit a 6-digit number! More and more people in business around the world recognize the immense potential of the platform. Designed to enable multiple types of purposes and scopes, Shopware is a display of true greatness, always improving, and with steady growth due to its ingenious bottom-up approach.

We intend to apply this incredible e-solution to the local scene and uncover potential thriving online businesses eager to stay relevant and progressive.

Shopware's excellence is not just due to the fantastic planning and ideas of its creators. Shopware is the result of a community effort: from the authors, who made it all possible, to all the contributors and thinkers. Is there a better way to make a tool other than by using the professionals who understand it best?

The collaborative effort was the main drive behind this eCommerce platform, is labeled as Shopware's ecosystem. It is the type of beacon were great ideas are born and realized by the collective intellect of everyone involved - designers, developers, partners, contributors, supporters.

We want to evoke the creative genius in marketers from our immediate zone of influence. Shopware will be an inspiring tool for achieving online success for everyone with the right intention and potential.

We are involved with Shopware since it's early birth. We understand the core ideas behind its emergence and purpose. Our passionate teams work every day to adapt eCommerce to the changes the future brings, and Shopware is their best friend in this effort. Our progress-driven crew recognizes potentials in the industry and uses them to maximize the advantages of shopping cart solutions such as Shopware's.

The online commerce websites of tomorrow can accommodate the growing number of connection channels. Shopware has set foot on future developments meant to solve old problems using cutting edge technology. As new techs are quickly spreading around the world soon after being invented, we are vigilant and change tactics to best accommodate for such variances. Shopware itself can anticipate radical changes as a result of emerging new techs and the flow of trends.

Shopware's Ecosystem

Shopware: a perspective

Looking forward to the coming decades of eCommerce development, we think that the online market created through Shopware will soon make a significant impact on the scene, especially on areas like customization, automation and customer experience.


It's already evident that customer journeys are based on personalization and tailor-made methods and processes. This trend will only go more in-depth in the future, and we always dedicate the attention it deserves. With features that complement each other, Shopware facilitates customization and brings it to a new level, meeting customers' expectations.

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Customer Experience

The customer of today is right to demand an engaging purchasing experience. This need is what inspires innovative brands to become the preferred choice of thousands and millions. Thanks to the customer being a demanding product evaluator, product quality, and CX are factors that successful companies are recognizing as crucial factors in creating brand awareness and building strong customer relationships. We think the value of CX in the customer-business or B2B relationships will only increase in time. We are just getting started - join us and witness the unfolding eCommerce revolution with the clarity of a first-person perspective.


It is going to take some time before AI is entirely accepted as the reality of our future lives. Even today, technologies like automation have only just shown their baby teeth. We think that in the next few decades AI will finally start to shine with pure brightness. Advanced robots will be the backbone of more sophisticated business operations, and they will emerge as the result of the improved AI solutions we use today.
Regarding AI technology in eCommerce, we have only scratched the surface of possibilities. Robots of today handle quantitative tasks, and sometimes their powerful capabilities are extended to act as human substitutes. Despite mind-bending examples of today, AI is still in the early stages of development. But it will soon be part of more intelligent purposes and designs. We are ready and excited to be a part of this process and witness the breakthrough results when that day comes.

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