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We, at CodeCoda, have extensive experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and its dominant platforms.

We help companies build a secure blockchain-based enterprise solution, applying the most advanced and efficient distributed ledger technologies available. CodeCoda has accumulated the relevant experience in blockchain software development, delivering blockchain solutions for financial technology, banking, gaming, supply chain, and many other industries. Our dedicated blockchain software engineers make use of cutting edge Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), including Platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3 Corda.

Our extensive technological expertise includes blockchain-related programming languages like C++, Java, GoLang, Simplicity, Solidity, and Python.

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Use Case: Financial Services

By using the R3 Corda framework, we bring cheap, secure, and efficient transactions to the financial services and Fintech industry. This blockchain platform runs permission-based smart contracts that are verified by notary nodes. The technology addresses the unique needs of the financial industry for fast and cheap transactions, whilst maintaining complete transparency.


Use Case: Proprietary Blockchain

We solve complex problems by building fundamental decentralized blockchain solutions. Our team of experts has over 5 years of experience in the industry. We will help you determine the best possible solution for your business goals, whether through building a blockchain from scratch, forking off of an existing chain, or integrating with interoperable networks that execute smart contracts.


Use Case: Institutional ICO

CodeCoda can implement any blockchain development, doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes, for enterprises that plan an ICO of any scale. Our software architects and engineers have expertise, which allows us to design, develop, and launch a scalable and highly secure distributed digital ledger. We deliver full-cycle blockchain development services, built from the ground up.

Added Value of the Blockchain

CodeCoda strives to add value to our clients' operative business. Blockchain Applications and solutions, developed by CodeCoda, can help your business make use of this wholly new and exciting ecosystem of decentralized applications.

Blockchain projects can differ from regular software development in some essential ways. Having implemented a variety of different solutions, our Blockchain engineers are highly experienced and have served a large range of different use cases. Building a blockchain application is rarely as straight forward as developing a mobile app, for example. Clients need to have a good understanding of what to expect. Our digital experts are available to offer their expertise, providing deep insights and understanding of how the blockchain can or should be implemented for your specific use-case. Services offered to our clients include:


Technical Feasibility Studies

Blockchain Application Development

Building of Smart Contracts

Prototyping and MVPs

Maintenance of existing Blockchain implementations

Delivery Process

How Blockchain projects are delivered

Full service blockchain development and blockchain consulting.

CodeCoda will get you on the blockchain and walk you through the process, whether you are building a simple application, or considering to build a large scale business solution. Our team of blockchain experts are dedicated to make your project a real game changer.

With a simplistic representation of the blockchain development process, we can highlight the key milestones within the blockchain application development. A characteristic approach is getting an MVP ready as early as possible, allowing for any changes or alterations in a partially functioning system.

We deliver your blockchain project end-to-end.


Feasibility Study

We analyse the idea and realistically assess if technical implementation is possible, and if so, by which means.



We develop a prototype of your application. This will largely be a mock up, however certain parts may already be functional.


Building MVP

We build a minimal viable product. At this stage, changes are still possible.



We build the final product. All Visuals are in place, as well as eventual smart contracts.



We test the solution in both sandbox and staging environments, which emulate production environments.



We train non-technical key project participants in the ins and outs of the blockchain solution we built

Blockchain 101


What is Blockchain?

A quick dive into the basics of blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is one of the most important innovations, perhaps even more important than the internet itself. A blockchain is a continuous sequence of digital information, which is stored in blocks. These blocks are then chained together to form a continuous line. The information contained in every single block cannot be altered or re-written once they are added.


What is Consensus?

How do all parties agree on the validity of transactions?

Consensus is a process!

As the blockchain is, by heart, a distributed hyper ledger, any transaction that wants to be recorded, has to be verified by a set of nodes. Only when these nodes agree that the transaction is valid - a so-called consensus is achieved. Consensus can be achieved in seconds, however, in other established blockchains such as Bitcoin, this can take up to 10 minutes.


What is Immutability?

How is information permanently stored and alterations are prevented?

Immutability is a state!

Immutable simply means unchangeable. Once consensus is achieved, the transactions, (and their specific details), within a blockchain cannot be changed, and hence, are immutable. As the Blockchain is distributed, no single participant can ever try to change a block. This permanently protects the blockchain from any attempts to alter or falsify any previous transaction.

Blockchain Tech Stack

Tools and applications we use to build Blockchain solutions.

C++ Java GoLang Simplicity Solidity R3 Corda Python

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