Internship in Software Development (ref. INT-DEV)

Haven't you dreamt of learning this exciting tech you always wanted to get your hands on? Sure you do... We at CodeCoda have been training several hundreds of interns over the past couple of years, and all our students are actively placed in the industry. We are specialized in getting the best out of you, and above all, teach you the tech YOU are interested in. Ranging from Java, JavaScript, C++, C, Python to PHP, our specialists are happy to get you up to speed and teach you the ins- and outs of the language or technology you want to learn.

What you should know before starting an internship:

  • Have knowledge in at least one Objected Oriented Programming Language
  • Understand the basic principles of Software Development
Where does the internship happen and how long will it last?
  • All internships happen in our Delivery Center in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Preferable Duration for a complete learning cycle is 3 to 6 months fulltime commitment
Will I get hired after the end of the internship:
We can't promise you will get hired by us, but, you do have a good chance of getting a shot at a fulltime Junior Position. What we really want to know and see is your personal interest, your integrity, and your will to succeed. Our business never rests and we need to adopt constantly to the market, the technologies in demand, and our clients.
After your internship, we promise, you will be a full-blown software engineer and play at least one programming language at your fingers. We normally don't stop there. You will learn either of these: containerization in Docker, Kubernetes, Advanced Git Repository usage, Jira, Slack and many other tools very common in the industry. We will also train you soft skills, like working in a team, communications with stakeholders, and many other useful things you will need in your future career.

How do I apply?
Send us your complete CV, focusing on your University studies, attach a picture of yourself if you want, and tell us about your motivation and interests. You might also tell us your hobbies and things you like or dislike. Don't forget to add your phone number, so we can get in touch. 

Do you accept everybody for the internship?
Strictly no. If we feel some of the above criteria are not matched, we will say no. If you catch up in the future, we will be happy to re-consider your application.

Do you accept ERASMUS+ Students for the Internship?
Yes, we do. We already work with Erasmus+ and have frequently students at our premises. The process of application in this occasion is simple, send us an email with your CV and the offical documentation required, and we will be happy to accomodate you!

Where do I send my CV and the rest of the information?
You can send us an email to: Please, do make sure to send us the complete set of information as mentioned above, so we can process your application instantly and help you in your request.

What are the benefits of an Internship?
We published an Article on our Blog with some feedback received by previous interns. You might like to read it. >>Internship at CodeCoda as a Carreer Changer<<    

  • LOCATION: Plovdiv
  • QUALIFICATION: 0 Years previous experience