Client Description

"TheBeat" is a music platform allowing it's users to listen to music, build playlists, and share those playlists among users. With it's extended category based search system it aims at office environments and users with an always-on internet connection.

Client Background

The client originally was a private person, continuing in his tradition to provide music content to his users. He wanted to develop a cross-platform music listening platform which was free to his users.

Business Challenge

The client wanted to develop a cross-platform experience for Music content, targeting mainly "at the office" users. The main idea of the client was to provide common/shared playlists for use in an office environment. The platform had to be accessible on several platforms, such as Browsers on Mac, Linux, Windows, and Chrome OS as well as through a mobile APP on Android Phones. The client decided on restricting access from Mobiles to Android for marketing reasons.

Project Details

  • Client Name: TheBeat!
  • Location: Delaware, USA
  • Industry: MusicLeisureMedia
  • Partnership Period: April 2017 - ongoing
  • Team Size: 4
  • Team Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Services: Dedicated Development TeamWeb AppMobile AppChrome Appstore AppChrome App Store Extension
  • Technologies: PHPAngularLaravelJavascriptSwiftJavaCordova
  • Project URL:


Initial Stage in development was delivering a responsive web application based on a scalable API and Single Page App in the front-end. The same API was then to be re-used for Chrome Application and Mobile Apps, which initially was scheduled to be only released on Android due to an existing user base.
Development of the initial version was straight forward, resources were to be scraped by 3rd part API services, thus automating automated content delivery to the platform. Out of various options, the initial music content was provided by Youtube content encapsulation, which prooved insufficient on extended trials. Thus it was decided to integrate the full Youtube API into the backend, allowing unlimited stream delivery.

<strong>Value delivered</strong> by CodeCoda

Value delivered by CodeCoda

CodeCoda delivered value through the complete pipeline delivery process. From the initial idea to delivery and deployment, we managed the overall process. Due to the client being non-technical, we analyzed the requirements and were able to build a platform, which we love to use.
Only by using and making use of platforms we like to define the actual value of delivered software. After it's initial launch in 2017, the platform is now used by over 200K users on a daily basis. The platform's features are what make it attractive. Its' expandability and scalability are what defines the future value of this project.
Addition 8/2019
In an ongoing project, we are currently developing the iOS App for the project, which we expect to be a success!