Microsoft Tech Stack

As a Microsoft Partner, we are strongly specialized on Microsoft based tech-stacks, including Office 365, Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online, SharePoint On-Premise/SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 DLP, OneDrive for business, Microsoft Intune, Office 365 Security, Power BI, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Cloud App Security...
Our excellent team of Microsoft Certified Professionals, build custom solutions, including Mobile, SaaS, and Windows apps ‚Äď using a broad range of industry-leading Micorsoft technologies. This allows our clients to choose the right solution for every situation concerning specific requirements and environments.

<strong>Microsoft</strong> Tech Stack
Microsoft <strong>Office 365</strong>

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is the next step in productivity with a well-considered cloud roadmap. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we have certified expertise and unique insight into the Microsoft cloud and your future alternatives. We have helped many organizations to make sense of their cloud productivity options within the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem.
Office 365 is the ideal solution for enterprises, government, and education appliances. The solution works on-, off-premise, or in hybrid installations, featuring utmost security for confidential data.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is the most advanced Cloud deployment platform for business use. Azure Enterprise Solutions provide the means to transform IT infrastructures into a foremost reliable and scalable operating environment based on the required corporate standards.
CodeCoda offers consulting services and support for every Azure product and service. Whatever the potential use-case, the CodeCoda cloud team will find the most cost-effective, scalable, and secure solution.

Microsoft <strong>Azure</strong>
Microsoft <strong>Dynamics 365</strong>

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the fastest growing and most popular CRM systems on the market. The application is customer-oriented and covers all sales and marketing activities from identifying sale opportunities, through trade negotiations and exchanges of offers to customer support.
A successful implementation of Microsoft CRM ensures the retention of current and the winning of more new customers by maintaining continuous and consistent quality of service across all departments.

  • Inventory

    Keep track of inventories, raw materials or what ever is an inventory to your business.
  • Warehouse

    Warehousing is the key to trade. Know what's in stock, and at which warehouse to find it.
  • Sales

    Who sold, whats sold, your orders. Always know what's happening in your organization.
  • Customers

    Customers are the most valuable asset in any organization. Keep track of them at all times.
  • Finance

    No finance, no organization. Know your receivabels and expenses whenever and wherever required.
  • Business Intelligence

    Drill down on information. Always be able to run reports.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a dashboard, which helps to visualize data.
Vital to the Power BI idea is using less Excel, and do more decision-making, based on hard facts and optically perfectly presented data visualizations. Power BI data aggregates through a multitude of data sources from applications or databases, connected to it.
Power BI is pre-integrated with Office 365 and the Microsoft suite of products.
Using Power BI means that accessing the application is simple and that connecting to standardized Microsoft data sources takes minutes, rather than weeks.

Microsoft <strong>Power BI</strong>
<strong>Consultation</strong> Services

Consultation Services

Our Certified Consultants discover your business objectives alongside the internal company stakeholders on every building block of a Microsoft Enterprise Solution.
Building a Solution that helps business objectives to be streamlined and simplified is of utmost importance. Digitalization and the understanding of businesses' internal structures and dedicated teams of business analysts and technical specialists help to achieve the requirements.
Microsoft Enterprise Technology provides all incentives to step on building blocks that allow organizations to start simple - and grow as they go within the ecosystem.

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