10 PowerPoint Templates for your eCommerce Store

The use of PowerPoint Presentations is not only confined to educational lectures and reports. More so, it is a productivity tool for project presentations, pitch decks, and corporate meetings. With such a presentation designer, businesses find it easier to moderate visual demonstrations.

As visual graphics and imagery remain popular tools in advertising, businesses also take advantage of PPT in this area.  Besides a factor in graphic designs, slideshows are also reliable tools for engaging your audience. Choosing thematic templates helps significantly set the tone and impression of your business page or document.
The flock of sites that offer a pool of slide templates and other graphic materials made us compile a list of PPT templates you may use in your online shop. This list gives you an idea of how the most suitable template for your business designs looks and feels.

Why Use PowerPoint Templates?

Before we present you with our selection of 10 PowerPoint Templates for your eCommerce store, let us first clarify the why and how of PPTs:

For Brand Presentation

The very purpose of slideshows is to help represent the brand. Personalized templates can create a dramatic and relatable narrative and can help you solidify your business identity. Most slide templates feature a customizable layout that allows users to choose designs and color variants that best match their branding.

For Business Reports

PPT templates are great tools to use in reports and operations in business meetings. With PPT slides, you can achieve a coherent flow of peer collaborations and a smooth delivery of organizational speeches.
As a presentation program, PowerPoint is easy to navigate and well-known throughout all industries. With the power of pre-set designs, presenters are free to choose custom slides and create a professional presentation without worrying much about the design. Slide templates help organize your content. They give you an outline of how to use your notes and follow up on feedback from your presentation audience.

For Marketing Strategy

Apart from a cohesive theme, PPT slides also keep a clear picture of the business. It translates voluminous texts to graphical designs and images. Visually appealing formats are more impactful in presenting marketing strategies with executives. The quality of your design must be such that the content is easy to view and comprehend.

For Customer Engagement

Slideshows can be reliable in creating content for your shop. Combining quality content with meaningful product designs can add to audience engagement. Customers can know more about your products or services with just a couple of clicks. Consistent content presented with a PPT template design accessible across many platforms creates a cohesive impression of your shop. It extends your reach to your customers and improves the way you interact with them.

For Data Arrangement

PowerPoint templates are a time-saver in doing business forums. With its multimedia capabilities, PPT presents customized data, with various charts and infographics as functional elements. You can express your ideas through Interactive designs, whether with analysis presentation, data-heavy numerical charts, or a bird’s-eye view of your whole business. PowerPoint presentations with clean and intuitive graphics convey a lot more information than plain texts.

10 PowerPoint Templates for your eCommerce Store

Let us see some of the PPT templates that are ready to use for your eCommerce store:


Lead Generation Model

Lead Generation Model

Image from SlideHunter

This free animated Lead Generation Model template offers custom animations in your sales funnel. It simply shows your process of cultivating prospective customers and clients.
Generating leads can be tricky for startups most of the time. Being aware of consumer behaviors can help define your sales funnel. By visualizing the path of your customers, you can grasp the stages they undergo. Moreover, you can apprehend customer experiences and anticipate marketing challenges.
You can personalize this model according to your brand designs and color palettes. A graphical representation of how leads change over time clarifies your business goals.


Problem Analysis with Pareto Chart

Pareto Chart

Image from Microsoft Office

Arising problems are inevitable but presenting them to your team doesn’t have to be as dreadful. Defining the problem and solving it are made easier with charts and graphs.
Pareto Chart is one among many selections for problem analysis in your business. By listing the problem areas, you can identify the root cause one by one. Depending on your scale, you may now score each problem with its urgency and importance.
Using the bars and lines of the chart, arrange them in descending order to see the priorities. Don’t forget to label your graph before presenting your analysis.


ECO V.2 PowerPoint Infographics

Powerpoint Infographics

Image from Envato Elements

Businesses like sustainable startups can choose suitable themes closer to their branding. If you are venturing for an eco-friendly company, this template is the way to go. It has customizable slides that are easy to grasp.
The designs scream sustainability. This template consists of 33 slides with interactive icons, editable elements, charts, and infographics. And the numerous color palettes help you adjust the template to your brand identity betuter.
ECO V.2 infographics require a subscription as a member of Envato before downloading. Each of the slides in the template is in full HD.


Sales Reports

Sales Reports

Image from Vendasta

Discussing the overview of your sales activity is a crucial element of your business plan. Since effective sales reports use charts and infographics, key findings are directly related to how you visually represent them.
When done efficiently, you may even showcase the increasing sales in charts or graphs on your website. Regardless of how you change your design and layout, the most important details of your sales report must always be visible and neatly summarized in your template.
Statistics and other numerical data often translate great into customized graphs. The comparison of data within the diagram is concise. Moreover, color-distinctive elements make the information easier to digest.


Responsive Solutions

Responsive Solutions

Image from Envato Elements

This template offers creative designs with 60 multipurpose slides. If you wish to present general information, then this template is the way to go. There are both light and dark versions in its layouts.
The template gives a clean and simple touch to your presentation. You may create with the Responsive Solutions PowerPoint template even without using other design software.
It also needs a subscription as a member before downloading. Upon using this template, there will be a Help Guide file that comes along with it. You may also add stock photos or your template-based images.


Iceberg Model of Meaning

Iceberg Model of Meaning

Image from SlideHunter

Another way to create intrigue among your page visitors will be using illustrations.
An example will be the Iceberg Model of Meaning. In this editable template, you may deliver an important message that your customers can grasp about your business.
Its slide templates are ideal for presenting concepts that seem superficial but have underlying causes. People often use it to show the complexity of seemingly simple ideas. It is a good representation in getting across memorable points to your prospective customers.


Women’s History Month Template

Woman's History Month

Image from Microsoft Office

If your eCommerce shop is in line with fashion, cosmetics, or beauty services, you may use several campaigns. A lot of the makeup industry and clothing brands have advocacies. An example is by use of the Women’s History Month Template.
One-line graphic designs are trendy in beauty logos and styles. If you aim to reach target audiences in this industry, celebrating such events in your brand is a plus. The eCommerce world appreciates a good narrative. Use this in your PowerPoint presentations to your marketing advantage.


Buxe Creative & Multipurpose Template

Buxe Creative Multipurpose Templates

Image from Envato Elements

Another multipurpose template is Buxe Creative, as it caters to many functions. It has versatile and functional designs that fit great with market reviews, business funding requests, and promotions. It features immaculate and professional-looking layouts and icons.
Using Buxe Creative slide templates, you can customize charts and infographics or the backgrounds in your slideshow. You can apply it to company history, SWOT analysis, team slides, and financial projection. Its colors and designs are also customizable.


Mutual Work PowerPoint Template

Mutual Worp Powerpoint Template

Image from Smile Templates

Illustrating a meaningful message on your website can make an impact on your page visitors, as well as on your brand value. Showcasing teamwork in your business-like partnerships can also help nurture strong relations with clients.
The Mutual Work PPT template is suitable for showing that you work with a good and reliable team. It emphasizes that investments, skills, and many other aspects are as significant as all the people who work together, united by a universal goal.
To make your presentation even more informative and convincing with these slide templates, you may add charts, schemes, or diagrams. With its soft white and brown colors, with the right infographic or background, it can deliver crucial information while setting the right mood for the viewers.


Bright Business Presentation

Bright Business Presentation

Image from Microsoft Office

Make use of a comprehensive and professional template in your presentation like the Bright Business template. If you seek to create impactful experiences for your visitors using pure data, this template might be the right one. Customize the colors and designs to match your vision.
They say pictures tell stories and narratives – great visuals are part of this template. With this template, you can tell an engaging story, backing it up with vivid images and photos. Make your content easy to understand with its infographic-heavy template.

Look for the Best PowerPoint Template

Best Powerpoint Templates

We know that compelling graphic designs and templates are detrimental to the success of eCommerce, where competition is never less than fierce. Nevertheless, it is just right to choose the best PowerPoint template that is suitable for your branding.
Using slide templates in elevating your data presentation and instructions can enhance the way customers perceive your website and services overall. We hope our custom PPT selection will benefit your business. After all, for any effective UX strategy, high-quality content is always brought down to the customer in the best possible delivery.
Like any part of your operations, PPTs should be customized to match the visual identity of your online store. Since not every template will match your criteria, part of designing an effective business document is carefully choosing a template before any personalization takes place.
Building everything around your brand identity will eventually bring the right customers: those who fully acknowledge and recognize the value behind your products or services.



Andreas Maier | CEO

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In the past Andreas has successfully founded and co-founded several startups among others XXL Cloud Inc., eShopLeasing Ltd, and WDS Consulting SA. His expertise is strongly focused on modern headless Commerce and the optimization of processes in IT ecosystems.