The Power and Benefits of Outsourcing

We are frequently asked to explain outsourcing. Even though the concept seems clear, the implementation may be confusing to people whom are unfamiliar with the process.

Outsourcing entails taking a task, project or even an entire business process, and have an external provider manage and execute everything related to those tasks at hand.
Outsourcing companies, (like CodeCoda) are normally very well staffed, so there are specialists, with the technical expertise, readily available in-house for most tasks.

Let’s have a look at the process:

  1. A client approaches an outsourcing company with a proposal. This normally is a description of the project (task or business process) that the client wishes to outsource. Timeline for deliverables are also passed on.
  2. Outsourcing company takes the client’s project description, estimates the number of Software Engineers, System Technicians, Project Managers etc., whom are required to work on the given task or project.
  3. Having taken all aspects into account, the project is analyzed, and the client receives a detailed project offer.
  4. Client agrees to the offer, contracts are signed, which outline the specifications, guaranteed timelines and intermediary deliverables.
  5. A team is assembled based on the requirements
  6. Work begins, where the time is tracked. Outsourcing work is based on hourly charges. Therefore, strict precautions are taken to ensure clients only pay for actual work undertaken.
  7. Software is tested, by Quality Assurance engineers, in a simulated environment.
  8. Each Single Task or Deliverable is produced, and is subsequently approved by the client.
  9. Steps 6 to 8 are repeated until the full range of tasks or deliverables are complete. Regular communication with the client ensures project success.
  10. Final project is delivered or deployed.
  11. Post deployment support for any issues.

These steps describe the full life cycle of outsourced software development. Several of the above steps can often be broken down in further sub-steps, especially if the project is complex, or involves any cutting-edge technologies.

We have summarized important details about Outsourcing in our e-book “The Benefits and Power of Outsourcing”. You can find it here.

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