Top 6 School Administration Software in 2021

COVID-19 has turned our lives 360 degrees, and the physical world of ordinary people’s interaction seems like a distant thing from the past. Almost every sector of our country’s economy is getting affected directly or indirectly.

If the pandemic has brought anything good, it’s the advancement of technology. The amalgamation of technology with human lives has been more than ever. Due to the lack of physical contact, more people spend more time with their smartphones or laptops.
Like every sector, the education sector has also seen an increase in remote advancements. Classroom teaching stopped overnight. This abruptness resulted in the onset of online courses and blended modes of learning. Our desktop and laptop computers have turned into students’ new classrooms.
The teaching was not the only process that was extended online. Many administrative and other activities were also followed suit. Schools and colleges started adapting online management systems to their curriculum. The discovery of school management emerged from the ashes of the old school system. However, even though online school management is still a developing trend, the software that supports it already has many advantages.

The increasing demand for School Management Software

There has been an increase in the demand for online tools for teaching and learning. Is COVID-19 the only reason for more advancement in school management software?

COVID may be viewed as an effective catalyst in increasing technological advancement, but ultimately, it is not the sole reason. As our society advances, we try to adapt to the pace of technological inventions. The adoption of School Management software is one such feather in the crown of many feathers.
Many points justify the requirement of school management software. Let’s get into them individually.

  • Less Physical Hassle
    The most significant advantage of using school management software is the reduction of the need for physical supervision. Without such a system to your aid, you have to do everything manually. However, with a piece of helping software, all the work becomes part of an automatically regulated and monitored online process.
  • Keep Track of Everything
    Now you do not have to take attendance daily. The school management will do it by default. The software comes with different features, including attendance management, among many other time-sensitive tools.
  • Better Interaction Between Teachers and Parents
    In the past, parents’ and teachers’ meetings were a familiar school event. But with advancements in education systems, the complexity of this interaction is also growing. Parents demand evidence that their children receive the necessary attention. School management systems have features dedicated to informing parent to how their kid is doing. The system facilitates both parents and teachers in keeping track of the educational progress of all students.

Now that we know how school management software can work wonders in education let’s explore some of the best applications in the market.

1. My Class Campus

My Class Campus is mobile and desktop-based ERP platform which eases the management system of schools and colleges. The application supports four different languages - French, Hindi, English, and Arabic. The app started in the year 2015 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


  • Lesson planning
  • User directory
  • Online admission system
  • Attendance management tracker
  • Digital library
  • Leave management system
  • Fees and financial management
  • Exam scheduler

2. Go Schooler

GoSchooler has been developed recently and is already a hit in the market. The app brings automation to every work of a school. It is a one app easy-to-use solution for every school-related problem.
You do not have to download different apps for different works. Go schooler has integrated every feature into one platform, making our life a little more hassle-free. It is the place for all your education, administrative, and organizational needs.
What distinguishes this management software from others is the ability to tailor the platform to the needs of different schools. The best thing is before you put your faith in them, they offer a free demo too.


  • Full customization
  • Student management
  • Digital library
  • Attendance & academics maintenance
  • Content creator feature
  • Online admission management
  • Finance management
  • HR management
  • Transport tracker and management

3. Clobas

Clobas is a futuristic education software and one management system. Developed by a team of tech and academic experts, this cloud-based software program boasts 60+ features.
The main focus area for this software is administrative, learning management, better communication, and academics. The app contributes to the effort of everybody, from teachers, staff, parents, and even alumni. They also come with a robust 24/7 tech support team ready to react quickly to emerging issues.


  • Student profile management
  • Fees and management system
  • Transport management
  • Parent feed module
  • A creative and innovative dashboard
  • MIS reports module
  • Campus news
  • E-circulars
  • Mailings groups
  • Motivational quotes
  • Webinars
  • Extracurricular management

They also have a few extra modules, which you can avail of by paying for the same. But the features will make your school management more efficient than ever.

4. Fedena

Fedena is an all-rounder school management system that helps you eliminate all problems with a 360-degree solution. This app brings you the most incredible productivity with more than 100+ modules. Not only this, the app provides 24/7 tech support and complete security for all your online data.
Fedena is suitable for one board of education and CBSE, ICSE, IB, and even State boards. This application also provides a free demo for its user before sealing the deal.


  1. Core Module - Admission management system, course, and batches, exam management system, etc.
  2. Pro Plus Module - Hostel management system, school inventory management, library management, and more
  3. Enterprise Module - Blog, form builder, alumni management, Azure integration, and more
  4. Online Learning Module - Course management, stream recorded lectures, mobile learning, collaboration.

5. EDUMAAT- Imagine Greatness

The name of the application itself shows how the app helps in achieving great things. This application boosts personalized education for everyone. The application helps every student learn at their own pace. Students can set their own schedules and do their learning sessions however and whenever they see fit.
The learning app is designed to let students understand the core values of the subject. Guided pathways help the students study their progress and help them make an accurate self-evaluation.
Some examples of personalized learning activities are:

  1. Curating a course or assessment based on the student’s current progress, gaps, and knowledge.
  2. The application also curates personalized “hints,” which help each student during learning.
  3. Allowing students to show “show work” on how they approach a solution, etc.


  • Admission Management
  • Courses & lesson Management
  • Student Management
  • College/ School Administration
  • Attendance Management
  • Multiple Institution Management
  • Examination Management
  • Communication Management
  • Fees and Financial Management
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Inventory Management, etc.

6. Classe 365

Classe 365 tells about the 360-degree feature of the app. This app has SIS, CRM, LMS, and all the components for the modern educational system.
The application features all the processes from pre-admission till graduation. Classe365 is great for schools, higher education colleges, and even universities.
Their features are neatly arranged in categories based on purpose.

Pre-admission Features:

  • Paperless admission
  • Online application forms
  • Online fee payment management
  • Form Mapping to SIS

CRM Features:

  • Lead Management
  • Follow-ups
  • Click to call and emails

SIS Features:

  • Course Management
  • Degree audit
  • Electives Management
  • Credits Management

Finance & Accounting:

  • Grants & scholarships management
  • Balance sheets
  • Online payments
  • Invoicing


Our education system should go on with the pace of advancements and technological changes. With the onset of the pandemic, the physical world has shut down. Schools and colleges closed overnight, halting the lives of students. With this, the amalgamation of technology came with the education sector. Online education used to be an alternative to traditional schooling - now, it is becoming the norm. The schools should adopt and use innovative School Management Systems to ensure a smooth education process, despite the restrictive post-effects of the pandemic.



Kris Terziev

Kris is the Head of Research and Development at CodeCoda and, as he himself says, is constantly seeking better methods of developing and implementing software solutions.
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