Client Description

The client is a well-known provider of plastic surgery, including a variety of other services like aesthetics and cosmetics.

Client Background

The client runs a prestigious and widely recognized clinic for cosmetic manipulations and minimally invasive surgery. With approximately 15 years of experience in the industry, the client is a proud provider of effective and safe medical procedures, praised by happy customers and respected by their peers.

Business Challenge

There are no universal channels where clients of medical services can exchange information with the efficacy of the essential and traditional face-to-face consultation. A preliminary video connection will be cost-inefficient, and a phone call cannot provide all the details needed for an expert opinion. We needed a 'common ground' platform where customers can share all the necessary information required for an accurate treatment prognosis.

Project Details

  • Client Name: Metime Corp Limited
  • Location: Dublin, Ireland
  • Industry: HealthHealth ProfessionalsBeautyCosmeticsMedicalMedical Application
  • Partnership Period: September 2019 - ongoing
  • Team Size: 10
  • Team Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Services: Dedicated Development TeamCustom Software DevelopmentWebsite Development Mobile App Development
  • Technologies: DevOpsDockerGraphQLJavaSpringPHPPhalconAtlasVueJSNuxtJSNode.jsBulmaCSSStrapi CMSFlutter/DartMongoDBMySQLRedisMicroservices
  • Project URL:

Client Goals

The client wanted to connect the customers of various medical services with each other along with their best potential providers. This strategy required a unique cross-connection between C2C and B2C in order to uncover untapped potential in digital consulting.

Client <strong>Goals</strong>
<strong>Development</strong> Challenge

Development Challenge

This project required simultaneous planning, design, and development of two separate online tools: a web site and a custom mobile application. To make this possible, we enabled a mixed team of designers and developers who managed to meet requirements through incredible coordination, precise planning, and thoughtful selection of technologies.


We created the website and the mobile application simultaneously. The custom application features a back-end managed by both customers and vendors. It also features a detailed wizard that the customers use to enter all details (including photo) used to select the best possible vendor for their unique problem. Upon submission, the application evaluates all the input and uses it to suggest the best possible choice of vendor. The custom wizard was designed to address all the issues covered by a professional face-to-face consultation. We created the wizard as a result of rigorous discussion with both customers and vendors, accounting for all the possible obstacles that derive from their unique perspective.

<strong>Value Delivered</strong> by CodeCoda

Value Delivered by CodeCoda

We took the challenge and united unique clients with versatile providers under a single digital platform. By doing so, we reduced the time and cost involved for the inevitable and rather expensive initial consultation, traditionally required by and including both sides. Our unique app wizard stands as evidence of how we used available technologies to solve a years-long problem that demanded optimization. Our custom web application radically changed how medicine approaches consultation and treatment. We broke the doctrine of the inevitable first physical medical consultation, which usually requires a substantial amount of time and resources from all sides involved. Through intuitive digital consultation, we have radically increased the client base potential for many clinics and medical vendors. With our help, the initial patient-doctor contact is reduced to a quick and easy two-way communication. Many people in need of medical procedures are not getting it due to the inconvenience and the dogma related to medical consultation. Now, people in need of premium medical services can check the availability and options for their inquiries through a digital journey that takes minutes. Our solution brought improvements from the perspective of both sides involved; to medical vendors - by increasing the potential number of customers they get; and to their customers - by creating a quick and easy way they can locate their best provider. MeTime is a breakthrough solution in the relationship between specialists and patients - we are proud to be the force behind this exceptional outcome.

Download MeTime for Mobile

MeTime is a consumer-oriented application. Client facing operations are fully handled by mobile applications available on Google Play for download on Android, and the App Store for iOS-based phones. Administrative functionality is web-based and accessible only to healthcare professionals.

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