Why Shopware 6 PWA?

The line between old-fashioned websites and mobile-native applications is partially removed by the all-new Shopware 6 Progressive Web Application for mobile e-commerce.

Downloading mobile applications becomes redundant when applying modern PWA technology for your online commerce business.

Why? PWAs combine the pros of websites with the features of mobile-native applications. Shopware 6 based online stores can now successfully implement PWA technology. The latest release of the official PWA for Shopware 6 has become another sales channel, filling the three skeletons of successful online businesses.

<strong>Why</strong> Shopware 6 PWA?
Shopware 6 <strong>PWA Benefits</strong>

Shopware 6 PWA Benefits

A PWA Front-end solution for Shopware comes with added benefits.

  • Works on all devices and browsers
  • Offline capable
  • Push Notifications
  • Low data-transfer requirements
  • Search Engine friendly
  • Installable on Home Screen

Designed for the ultimate user experience

  • User Experience

    Made to build the most engaging online stores with the highest shopper retention.
  • Modern Tech Stack

    Built for maintainability and quick turnaround times.
  • Futureproof

    Connect via API and ensure inter-connectability to internal or external systems.
  • Mobile App experience

    Near native Mobile UI user experience with enhanced usability features.
  • Ultimate Speed

    Lightning fast application with very fast response times.
  • Offline Shopping

    Allow your users offline shopping without network connection.

Designed for the <strong>ultimate user experience</strong>
Made with for Shopware and eCommerce

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