macOS 12 Monterey: Masterpiece from Apple yet to Hit the Internet

After conquering the entire world with Big Sur, macOS is here to define new metrics for a robust user experience. And, the key to all the adventure starts with macOS Monterey. Revealed in the WWDC 2021, macOS Monterey is set to become the next operating system run on most Mac devices. Since Apple announced the version in June 2021, everyone geared up for the big improvements.

Are you excited too? Mac users, no doubt, are rubbing palms in expectation. However, the update to macOS seems to be a relatively more minor update compared to Big Sur. Still, all the promises associated with macOS Monterey look and feel impressive.

Let’s check out what you’ll get with this new scheduled to roll out for this Fall.

MacOS Monterey: The Brand New Interface

Changes to Hit macOS Interface with Monterey

Apple has introduced us to macOS Monterey at the WWDC event this year. Professionals of the Apple Service Center near me have confirmed that Apple has released three beta versions of macOS Monterey. Developers or occupied Mac users can easily install the macOS Monterey beta version to check how compatible the new operating system is with their devices.
For non-developers, the public beta version of macOS Monterey is a tremendous try-out ground. Well, as stated by Apple, you’ll experience the following modifications and refinements in the macOS Monterey interface.


We think that this application is going to be the most sensational video chat application from now. Apple has announced significant changes to FaceTime. And FaceTime is going to receive compatibility to run on macOS Monterey, iOS 15, and iPadOS 15. So, you can imagine that Apple must do a lot of work on this app, and the tendency is that it will remain in the spotlight.
Another thrilling news regarding FaceTime is that now anyone can get connected to a FaceTime call. Yes, you read it right. Apple users can initiate a FaceTime video chat and generate a sharable weblink ready to be launched to any platform or media. Any user can directly join a FaceTime conversation with friends, colleagues, family members – a great asset for remote workers looking to be more productive.

MacOS Monterey: Brand New Facetime

However, the call link must come from an Apple user or any Apple device. Apart from this requirement, the SharePlay option makes anything watchable to be enjoyed together. SharePlay will help you schedule a movie night with your friends or video connect with them anytime.

What’s More About FaceTime?

Additionally, all the participants can control the volume and sync at the same time through FaceTime controls. FaceTime gives the type of sound control where everyone can watch and talk simultaneously. Are you planning on listening to the same list of songs with your friends?Apple Music application works excellent with FaceTime. However, besides the apparent perks in entertainment, FaceTime does also help in workspace management. With the help of Spatial Audio and voice isolation features, your FaceTime experience remains perfect and compatible. With it, you avoid unnecessary noise while focusing on the voice of your correspondent.
Users can now make mic modes to render the audio loud and clear. In addition, the Portrait mode of FaceTime focuses on your face during any video chat. Your video-chat attendees would notice only you and not be distracted by your surroundings.
The grid-style view on FaceTime has mitigated the chances of overlapping faces on the screen. Now, you can experience everyone with the same-sized grid, and everything has its own unique space in the layout arrangement. With macOS Monterey, you’re going to encounter multiple-device support and endless possibilities to use SharePlay on FaceTime.


If you have used an iPad or iPhone before, you most likely have heard of the Shortcuts app.
According to Apple, Shortcuts will come with built-in integration with macOS Monterey. Convert the Automator app workflows into shortcuts. The AppleScript and shell script functionalities would neatly fit tech-savvy macOS users.

MacOS Monterey: Shortcuts

The exciting fact about Shortcuts is that you can access them from anywhere on your Mac device: Finder, Dock, Spotlight, even Siri. Another fun fact is that you can make Shortcuts on your iPhone, utilize them on your Mac device, and vice-versa.


In the upcoming macOS Monterey version, any documents posted to you will reside in the Shared with You section. Images, links, videos, or any other content, will be automatically saved in this area. Additionally, Shared with You sync with other applications such as Photos, Safari, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and other Apple devices.
Whenever you receive multiple photos through Messages, all images will stack in a pile. View them as a grid, save them to your library, or reply with a quick tap.

Universal Control

Do you own both a Mac device and an iPad? Switching between devices can be frustrating, but with macOS 12 or Monterey, you can use a single keyboard and mouse for controlling Mac devices and an iPad. Or, make use of a trackpad for your MacBook and then reliably switch to your iPad.

MacOS Monterey: Universal Control across Devices

With Universal Control, you need not initiate any setup. Just drag and drop your files among MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, and so on. Keep your devices closer and use the cursor to move around your Apple devices. Sounds exciting! Let’s cross our fingers until macOS Monterey becomes available for mass use.


This feature is arriving for Mac devices with the advent of macOS Monterey. Connect your iMac or MacBook with an Apple device, activate Airplay, and turn your Mac device into an audio or video output.


Apple Maps has made the call again to make better visualizations and in better detail. Grab precision in selecting cities, finding buildings, highlighting neighborhoods, and much more. Thorough refurbishments have been made in the maps of big cities such as London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

MacOS Monterey: Maps

The new 3D view will amaze you through macOS Monterey. Everything looks enhanced with Apple Maps, whether you are looking at the Golden Gate Bridge, deserts, oceans, or mountain ranges. Also, getting directions was vastly changed on macOS 12. The public transit directions would show transit times and stations, and users can pin their favorite locations on Maps.
The driving map layout will show incidents, traffic, crosswalks, medians, lanes, bike, and bus lanes. Additionally, Apple aims to improve the search queries on Maps and bring forth more business information and curated guides.


Apple is introducing a better version of Do Not Disturb with the specification — Focus. It will hit the floor with macOS Monterey and iOS 15. AppleFocus will let you concentrate on what you are currently doing. Additionally, your device will block out all your workflow distractions.

MacOS Monterey: Focus

Apple Focus will let you go with the Work mode, restricting all the notifications from applications unrelated to your work. As with other Apple applications, Focus does not limit its capabilities in work purposes only. It will also keep you focussed when you are driving or sleeping. Personalize your Focus attributes so that people contacting you are aware of your availability status.
For instance, if you have enabled the Focus mode and anyone sends you a message, they’ll get a note that your device is silent. The best thing about Focus is that you can universalize the same status across all your devices with just a single click. Third-party applications are already trying to get in sync with Focus, making things easier for users.

Live Text

macOS Monterey is full of surprise and astonishment, we must say. The feature named Live Text is capable of recognizing blocks of texts in photos. Additionally, you can select, copy, and paste those texts on anything using the Live Text feature. For example, you can click an image of a receipt and paste the details on another application.
Live Text can do a lot more than extracting pure text from digital images. It can also capture texts from your handwritten scripts. Live Text supports phone numbers, addresses, URLs, and much more. You need not fear that your Mac will keep the data forever because no personal information will be left behind.


The web browsing platform of Apple devices starts from Safari, and macOS Monterey will bring some significant changes to it. Safari will receive a new tab bar design, and it will take less space. The tab bar would get the color of the site that you’re currently browsing. The Smart Search field, along with streamlined buttons, brings forth a fantastic feeling. You can explore more with just a click on Safari using the More menu.

MacOS Monterey: Brand New Safari Browser

Now, you can organize all your Safari tabs and line them under a tab group. You can give them a name that you can change to something else at any point in time. Switch among those tab groups flawlessly. macOS Monterey provides you with the chance to drag and drop items quickly and send them to anyone. They will even be in sync among all your Mac devices.

Quick Note

You have heard about Notes on Apple devices. Here, Apple is launching Quick Note with macOS Monterey. With built-in configuration on any Mac app, you can instantly write your thoughts down on Quick Note.

MacOS Monterey: Quicknote

Whether you have to paste a link, mention essential names and numbers, and whatnot, everything is accessible through Quick Note. In addition, this keeps synced with all your Apple devices.

Devices Supporting macOS Monterey

So, there’s a lot of changes to be expected with the new OS. But, the question is, will Monterey be available on your Mac device? Check out the range of Mac devices mentioned by Apple for getting the macOS Monterey update.

  1. iMac from 2015 & later
  2. iMac Pro 2017 & later
  3. Mac Mini 2014 & later
  4. Mac Pro 2017 & later
  5. Apple MacBook Pro from early 2015 & later
  6. MacBook 2016 & later
  7. MacBook Air from early 2015 & later

macOS Monterey: When is the release date?

As stated in the WWDC event in June 2021, Apple will release macOS Monterey this fall. Till then, developers can install the public beta version of macOS Monterey to test the reliability on their Mac devices. Check if your device is compatible to avail the macOS Monterey update. Finally, we also installed it on a test machine and – we :love: it!

P.S. If you like to get your hands on the latest Beta, which at the time of writing this article is the Beta 4 Release, get it from the Apple Beta Site. There are various copies out there which might not work reliably or are outdate!


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