Should I migrate immediately?

No, absolutely not. Even if support for Magento 1 is running out, if you maintained your shop well before, there is absolutely no reason to take immediate action. So when do you need to take the decision to move to another e-commerce platform? When you need it. This is what we tell our clients. No need to being rushed into changing Magento 1 right away. So what does "when you need it" really mean? Change it if you want to improve it. Changes on Magento are historically much more cost intense than doing equivalent changes on other platforms.

If, however, you took the decision to migrate to a modern platform, which is technically excellent and will future proof your online business for some years to come, then Shopware 6 is here to help.

Should I <strong>migrate immediately?</strong>
Why <strong>migrate to Shopware 6?</strong>

Why migrate to Shopware 6?

There are several e-Commerce platforms on the market that can fulfill the requirements for small size merchants. The larger your business grows, the more versatile the solution needs to be. Shopware 6, released in February 2020, fulfills all requirements of growing merchants. From starter in e-Commerce to multi-national sales, Shopware is the solution that scales with you as you grow.

  • Shopware is future proof due to its Tech Stack
  • Shopware is based on modern API first approach
  • Shopware is expandable to PWA and native mobile applications
  • Shopware connects to all kind of external systems like ERP, PIM, CMS
  • Shopware offers a smaller development cycle for custom implementations compared to other e-Commerce platforms

Which data can be migrated?

The most important assets any e-shop relies on are Customers Data, Product Data, and the Category System, as the main navigation relies on a functioning Product Categorization. Main Data Highlights:

  • Categories
  • Products
  • Image Assets
  • Customers
  • Manufacturers
  • Product Reviews, SEO URLs, and many more...
The migration of the most common assets ensures a near seamless transition. Depending on the previous customization of the Magento 1 store, some manual work might still be necessary. Our team of e-Commerce experts will work with you, analyzing the current Magento installation, and make sure that the transition works without delays, identifying the several bottlenecks and mitigating around them.

<strong>Which data</strong> can be migrated?
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