Everything you need to know about logo design

Do you want to create your logo and have already considered all the points of a logo design? Creating it is expensive, time-consuming and the logo for your own brand or company is not always 100% pleasing. At the same time, logo designers and design agencies can cost quite a bit of money. The cheaper solution is to use a free creative tool and create the logo yourself. There are many providers on the internet for creating a logo for your company free of charge, just give them a try.

What does a logo design tool offer?

A logo maker creates graphics randomly or generically and you can of course edit these graphics yourself. If you are considering creating a logo, keep in mind that the logo is the company’s distinguishing feature. A logo says a lot about the company and its products or services. It is constantly visible and present.

Especially for start-ups, it can be a very expensive affair to purchase a logo from a logo designer or an agency. These costs can be saved. Therefore, here are some examples of free online creative tools to realise a logo idea.

13 of the best free creative tools on the internet

  • Free logo templates from Adobe Express
  • Free online logo generator from Canva
  • Zero Free Logo Maker
  • Fiber Online free logo maker
  • NameCheap logo design tool
  • DesignEvo online logo maker
  • Free Shopify logo generator
  • Squarespace free logo maker
  • Placelt logo maker
  • TailorBrands free logo maker
  • TurboLogo free logo maker
  • Looks free logo maker
  • Wix online logo generator

These tools and a few more deliver good results and are easy to use. Adobe Express also provides more than a thousand logo templates that can serve as inspiration for the creative design of a logo.

Nowadays, countless creative tools can be found that work well in the browser. Creating a logo conveniently and free of charge is therefore more than easy and only costs a little time. If you have worked on the logo yourself, you will also stand behind it more.

What needs to be considered?

When creating a logo, a number of things should be taken into account. There is also a part of psychology behind a logo. It should not just look good, but convey a message. A logo should appeal to customers and say something about the company.

If you want to create a logo, you should ask yourself questions like these:

  • Why is the logo important?
  • What purpose should the logo serve?
  • What should the logo achieve for my company?
  • What is the actual goal of the logo?

After answering these questions yourself, it is easier to develop a targeted logo. First and foremost, it is about communicating something to the customer through the logo. Secondly, the logo is the company’s business card. Thus, the point of creating a logo is not done in a few minutes and off the table. It takes time and must be very well thought out.

Some points worth noting to create a successful logo

  • A logo should be remembered

    The more memorable the logo, the easier it is for the customer to remember it. Just think of the logos of Nike, Coca-Cola, Apple or Pepsi. It is not an easy path that is taken when it comes to logo creation. A well-designed logo can be simple but have detail to be associated with a brand. A logo is associated with a brand and this communicates something to the customer.

  • The logo should be versatile

    It must not be forgotten that the name of the company can be part of the logo. Thus, care must be taken that the logo harmonises with the name of the company. The overall design of both must end up looking good and be memorable. In addition, the logo should also look good on promotional items such as pens, etc. A good, memorable yet simple logo is very important for a company.

  • The logo must convey the right message

    It should be ensured that the logo created says something about the company. Therefore, an attempt should be made to include a product of the company in the logo. This conveys a message that says what it is about or what the logo stands for.

  • The colours of a logo

    Properly created logos have a maximum of a few colours. It is up to you to decide which colour suits your company. You should only make sure that the logo is not too colourful or gaudy. A psychological aspect, however, is that the colour used says something. Brown, for example, is an indication of robustness and longevity. While blue is the colour of trust. In this case, one should get to know the colours and their meaning a little in order to make use of their effect.

  • The logo should be aesthetic

    A logo should of course be attractively designed. A logo that does not look good does not leave an impression. Then it doesn’t matter what colour and design was used for the name. An aesthetic logo also says something about the company. It gives the customer confidence that they are dealing with a serious company.

  • Logo design should be timeless

    Care should be taken to ensure that the logo has images or symbols that will always remain current and cannot go out of fashion. The logo should express permanence. Customers are more likely to rely on what is consistent than on trends that will be forgotten the day after tomorrow.

  • Simple and simple, yet effective

    The simpler and simpler the logo is created, the easier it will be remembered by customers. This may sound strange now, but a simple logo often says more than an elaborate design logo. Simplicity means for the customer that nothing is embellished, but everything is as it is stated. Therefore, simplicity is better than overdoing it, unless it fits the company’s image.

  • A logo should convey a mood

    Of course, the logo should present the company. If the company is fancy, the logo can also be fancy to a certain degree. However, the age of the clientele should always be taken into account and the logo should harmonise with the target group.

  • Making a well-designed logo work

    With a unique logo, a company conveys trust in the brand, understanding and loyalty for years to come. In a logo, value, feelings and themes must be in harmony with each other. A logo that meets these requirements will pass on these messages to customers.

In summary, a well-designed logo using a free creative tool such as Adobe Express can positively engage customers. Simple, memorable and meaningful, it will inspire confidence and create recognition.


Mariya Videva | UX Strategist  | UI/UX Designer

Mariya is an experienced User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) expert, with a strong tendency toward improving Customer Experience (CX). After a successful brainstorming session, she implements the user experiences used by millions of users thereafter.
There is no problem big enough for her not to tackle a solution to sometimes sophisticated user flows. User Experience Strategy sits at the heart of her actions, making her think ahead of time and beyond implementation.