Choosing an eCommerce agency

Shopware 6 walked a long path, evolved and improved, and we, at CodeCoda, walked with it. Here’s what we learned along the way.

The right eCommerce agency for your business

Our experience in software development has revealed exciting aspects of the IT business and our place in it. When it comes to online sales and digital product presentations, we discovered two main steams of eCommerce providers: installers and agencies.

The installers: quick and rigid

Most basic online solutions guarantee the minimum effort spend towards opening an online business front. But it also produces the minimum effect. Let’s suppose your startup business is an online retail shop. One of your most tech-savvy friends will probably be able to power through a project like this. Independent entrepreneurs prefer to build and manage their products’ digital extensions, using quick-deployment solutions. However, a set-it-and-forget-it mode has its obvious drawbacks. In our case – the lack of custom development. With free online solutions, the glass is not even half empty, and the flexibility to change on demand is not there.

A full-blown eCommerce Agency

Customer requirements can never be entirely covered by the power of free platforms and plugins. When addressing a custom software development problem, no online business can become customers’ favorite without manual intervention. Here at CodeCoda, we build e-stores that have a competitive edge as soon as they launch.

Always deliver more than expected.

Larry Pageco-founder of Google

With custom design and development, you are guaranteed a unique website or application and the possibility of making immediate improvements and increasing productivity. Most importantly, customers who stay do so because of originality and consistency, and with a team like ours, we can deliver on both fronts.

Why digital agency?

Free plugins do basic things and underperform when necessary changes challenge their flexibility. With custom web development, you can flex new tech, bend it like hot iron, and shape into precisely what you originally intended.
Custom web solution allows you to streamline your business needs, automate repetitive processes, and personalize your webshop. Since modern digital agencies always come forward with tailored solutions, we at CodeCoda focus on the specifics when building online tools. We also help brave new brands get the character and recognition they deserve.

A store unlike any other

When customers are doing online shopping, they are also evaluating products by doing a comparative analysis. And they must do this. It is far better to know all available choices on the table before reaching for the best one. However, having too many options can carry a tint of a negative connotation, as elegantly explained in Barry Schwartz’s book The Paradox of Choice. Despite the confusing aspect of having many choices, most customers prefer variety and even demand it. Whether this trend is because of our inbuilt desire for novelty, we can build the eCommerce that supports that need. Using modern management systems like PimCore, numerous items can be neatly arranged into meaningful categories. We pair that with flawless navigation, helping your customers find what they want using the shortest route that will get them there.
Novelty-seeking online shoppers can easily recognize an overused web template. Cheaper web alternatives using free plugins and the like are alright for small startups. But what if your online project is a success and upgrades become necessary? Using the same essential web tools, diminishes originality, and people quickly learn to prefer online shops that exude authenticity. Unique webshops come from the teamwork of analyzers, designers, quality assurance specialists, and software engineers. Only a team with incredibly fluid work ethics and knowledge can go forward and execute such a well-planned idea. That’s what we specialize in here at CodeCoda.

The added value of a digital agency

An eCommerce agency does far more than building the framework for your online operations. With an online front, you make your products visible and available. But are you ready to get and retain customers, beat the competition, and receive the recognition you always wanted? A mission hardly possible without the professional touch of carefully executed digital marketing services. Our eCommerce experts know how to leverage brand strengths and understand the limitations and the impact of its weaknesses. Before your brand reaches your business card status, you need to nurture it and help it get to that level.
Building an online shop while seriously considering the primary marketing strategy is detrimental to converting all possible visitors to customers. Having an eagle-eye view of the whole project, especially during planning and development, is necessary to optimize customers’ journey and make your shoppers’ best shopping experience. With the help of a digital agency, system integration becomes a much more comfortable and straightforward process.
Last but not least, after your custom store is up and running, there will be a need for maintenance and support. Many eager entrepreneurs think that the initial investment in custom development will equip them with the exclusive capability to self-manage. Although custom websites are much more independent, flexible, and automated than regular ones, they are far from being a set-it-and-forget-it method. There is no business success without a constant strive for improvement. The moment you stop and enjoy your peak performance as an online seller, your competitors will most likely pull ahead.


Custom web solutions are the product of incredible technical experience paired with the impeccable synergy between all team members. Innovative entrepreneurs with robust plans for the future of their eCommerce operations understand that betting on trained professionals’ collective effort is what eventually allows for a stellar ROI. The initial investment in a development team can get the final product so much more ready to face competition, flex to enable necessary changes, and be the best possible version of what was initially planned by the business owner.
As an award-winning eCommerce agency, we at CodeCoda hold the analytical and technological power to help you get the best of your e-shop and keep you on a competitive tangent, ready to achieve the customer retention rate of an established and well-trusted vendor. Reach us and find out how our business expertise can become the primary driver of your business growth.

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