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Updated! This is an updated version of the original article. Last Update: October 12, 2021

Designing a logo for your website is a complex task and an essential cornerstone of your brand identity. Logo design can be an intimidating process for those who never went through the process. For these people, hiring a design agency is maybe outside their reach. However, your corporate identity depends on a clean and memorable logo, and there are many affordable ways to get it done professionally. Let us explore some of the methods below.

Each step will define a piece of detailed advice on thinking creatively and making unique designs for your logo.

Creating Unique Designs for Logo in Three Steps:

Below are the steps you can follow to create engaging & unique logo designs.


Use Design Sites for Inspiration

Designing a website logo is undoubtedly a simple and easier task if you previously explored some of your best inspirations on the web. Experts recommend spending time gathering different ideas long before making informed decisions about logo’s unique design details. After gathering logo intel from your greatest inspirations out there, you will also gain a feel for the direction of your logo design.


Identify Three Colors That Reflect Your Website

When designing your company’s logo and before strategizing about your brand identity, the colors used in the logo design carry extreme importance. Understandably, logo colors, as primary visual cues for the brand, are some of the most powerful components of the wholesome identity of your company. The human eye is great at quickly recognizing shapes and colors.
Although picking up the logo colors is never a battle easily won, it is also not as difficult as it seems. If you already have clear brand identity guidelines, narrowing down the available choices for a color scheme should be marginally easier.
During the logo creation process, you can tweak the colors a little bit. If, after all, you are not entirely confident in choosing the best color combination, you can always consult with a professional logo designer.


Choose Your Logo Design Style

When it comes to logo designs, it is imperative to specify the type of style that best matches your website and your business as a whole. There are so many noticeable factors that can assist you in choosing the best style for you. For example, the fashion industry prefers simple but elegant logos. Nike “just did it” by being a consistent success using a one-color logo. At the same time, companies like Slack or NBC went in the complete opposite direction (they went for the rainbow!) You can use warm color combinations like MasterCard, or a monochromatic style like Sprout Social. There is no right or wrong way to choose a logo style, only one that does not work well with your specific business or approach to customers.

While looking up inspirations, you will notice many distinctive styles out there, all different in approach, number of colors, or color combinations. The idea behind the best color scheme for a brand will give it a look that catches the eye the easiest and stays in the memory the longest.  It does help if the logo shows uniqueness and relevancy. But it is more vital for it to be memorable and recognizable.

Let’s examine some of the tools we can use to help us define our logo shape and colors. There is a wide range of categories for tools, but two of the most important are 1) text-based logos and 2) symbol-based designs. Some great logo designs come from an intelligent combination of the two. A great logo is always a combination of things that work in unison to deliver a strong feeling and impression. 

Let us review some of the styles we have online to make a decent logo for no charge. 

Best Logo Creator Tools:


DesignHill Logo Designer

Designhill provides an AI-powered logo maker tool that is very user-friendly. You can make an attractive logo for your business or individual project. The best part of this DIY logo maker tool is that there is a complete customization option is available. Within few clicks, you will create the best logo for your business. Modern and creative word art and colorful logo templates will give you a unique logo.


LookA Logo Designer

If you want to make the logo design process as quick and easy as possible, Looka is a fantastic platform to use. You can simply enter details about your company, such as its name and the field you work in. Then, you can provide some guidance about what kinds of designs you typically admire. Using artificial intelligence, this sophisticated logo maker will provide you with a design that’s guaranteed to help you stand out. It only takes a few clicks and a matter of minutes.
Once you’ve picked out a logo you love, you’ll have the freedom to make some tweaks to elements like the color palette to ensure every little detail is perfect. You’ll then be given everything you need to update your website, social media profiles, business cards, and more.

Thanks to the modern era of technology, you can design your logo without professional designer help. Some of the best indicators designers use to determine your logo design are already part of your company. Logo-relevant factors are your company’s core values, mission, goals.
Logo Creator, you could save from hiring a pro designer to do your logo design. A user-friendly software you can use to make fantastic logo designs without paying any fee. It is an excellent opportunity for those either not ready to go to a professional designer or need some more insights about their brand identity before moving forward. Although logo design is usually a one-time job, the importance is so great that preliminary research comes naturally before any other steps.


DesignEvo Logo Designer

DesignEvo is a browser-based online logo maker that offers a wide range of categories such as Animal, Art, and Technology, and can choose from more than 10,000 templates. It is possible to add stylized icons with different themes and change the colors that compose them easily. The predesigned templates are very varied, so you will find the style you need.
In addition to handy editors and massive resources, DesignEvo allows you to preview your logo looked like in different mockups before download your logo. You can download a 300X300px in Zip File for its free plan, including PNG and JPG format images.

Hatchful by Shopify

Shopify’s Hatchful is considered one of the best choices for logo-making tools. The attractive logos you can produce with it are great for small businesses. The owners of SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) who neither have the time nor the resources to deal with graphics design find it very convenient. It is a great tool for everyone in need of a stylish & engaging logo for free. This web-based online tool allows you to create a stunning and clean brand new logo within a fraction of minutes.
The artificial intelligence-based tool allows you to choose thirteen various fonts and colors, combined with a library of crisp icons. You can choose different color schemes and connect them with the name of the company or an icon. With just a few clicks, you get your desired free logo looking very sharp and clean.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a popular name among top logo makers. All you do is enter your company name and industry, describe your business, and finally, pick an icon-type design or text-based design for your brand. Next, the logo maker will measure your input and, in response, produce a series of suitable sets of all major logo components: style, shape, color, and font. After the software automatically generates your logo, you can further customize it to match guidelines better and adequately consider all alternatives.


In this post, we discussed the critical steps involved in creating a clean and effective logo design. We touched on some of the best logo maker online tools you can use to make an exciting new logo for your company.
Online logo-making tools are also great for creative experiments that will give you a perspective on your logo elements, like color composition or different combinations between colors and shapes. 

We suggest you give the free online tools a try and keep in mind that your first logo does not have to remain untouched for years to come. All companies alter their brand identity periodically — even Google changed their logo, although slightly. Once you create your logo and embrace it, so will your customers.


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