Mastering Shopware 6

Learning Shopware or any other eCommerce Platform and Framework can be a daunting task. Overwhelmingly lots of information, and we know, especially our smaller merchants are notoriously short in time.

In this Non-Technical Video Series, we will present individual video tutorials, which should help you master Shopware 6 in no time at all! Even though we listed out the Content of each video for your convenience, you should still watch the entire video from start to end.
For further convenience, there is a direct link to Shopware 6 Documentation, which we highly recommend reading through.

Who are these manuals for?

Every shop owner should know that after base configuration, there are plenty of moving parts in e-commerce. It is good to know that Shopware 6 doesn’t leave you standing in the rain; You can configure all those moving parts to your liking and needs. We especially recommend looking at the rule builder, as this largely enhances e-commerce capabilities.
Another great to have feature of Shopware 6 is Shopping Experiences, which in all practice is an enhanced CMS, which comes in handy when building modern shopping experience worlds, which heavily focus on combining content with products.

Video 1: Introduction to Storefront and Administration

In this video you will get to know the out-of-the-box features of Shopware 6. Also, a Frontend and Admin Panel walkthrough is included, giving you a good idea of what to find where. It is important to familiarize yourself with the admin interface specifically, which will allow you later to reach functionality quickly when you need it.


  • Looks of the Storefront (00:00)
  • Administration Login (02:34)
  • Administration Dashboard walkthrough (2:50)
  • Orders Overview (04:13)
  • Customers Overview (04:30)
  • Content Creation overview / Shopping experiences overview (04:40)
  • Uploading Media (05:00)
  • Marketing Section Overview (05:20)
  • Settings Overview (05:40)
  • Sales Channels Overview (07:00)
  • Profile Section Overview (07:20)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts (08:30)
  • Finding the logic – Visual Navigation (09:00)

Duration: 11 minutes 26 seconds

Video 2: Category Management

Categories are powerful sets of information. Categories combined with the right template design are even more powerful, allowing extended shopping experiences. Learn the ins-and-outs of category management in this video.


  • Adding a Category (00:42)
  • Moving Categories in the category tree (02:17)
  • Category Configuration (03:30)
  • Category Type Definition (03:50)
  • Category Layout (04:50)
  • Editing a Category Layout in Designer (06:00)
  • Menu Settings (07:50)
  • Adding Category Description (08:20)
  • Product Assignments (09:55)
  • Category SEO (10:40)
  • Canonical URLs (10:55)
  • Custom Fields (11:20)
  • Translating Categories & Category Content (11:50)

Duration: 13 Minutes 40 Seconds

Video 3: Product Management

Products are the core of e-Commerce. Products produce Detail pages and are contained in category pages. In Shopware 6 products reach a completely new level when combined in Shopping Experiences.


  • General Product Navigation (05:00)
  • Adding a product and product data (01:20)
  • Product Pricing Configuration (03:30)
  • Deliverability and Stock Configuration (06:15)
  • Assigning Products to Categories and Sales Channels (07:30)
  • Product Tags (08:45)
  • Product Media (08:55)
  • SEO Product Configuration (09:30)
  • Measure and Packaging Configuration (09:50)
  • Custom Product Templates (10:10)
  • Additional Product Configuration (11:50)
  • Advanced Product Pricing (12:10)
  • Product Properties (14:10)
  • Product Variants (15:10)
  • Dynamic Product Groups / Cross Selling (15:45)
  • Product Conditions (17:05)

Duration: 19 minutes 11 seconds

Video 4: Custom Product Features

Customizable Products is a Pro Version feature, but worth mentioning explicitly, as it adds a great freedom to products. Customizable Products allow you to set up products which can be customized by your customers. For example you want a bag to have an embroidered name? Imagine you want your customers to order customizable drawers or tables? This becomes possible with the Pro Version extension of Shopware 6.


  • Demo View of Configurable Products (01:00)
  • Setting up Custom Product Features (01:30)
  • Configuration of Product Options (02:35)
  • Assigning Custom Product Templates to Products (06:00)
  • Doing a Sample Order with Customized Products (06:30)
  • Finding the Sample Order in Shopware Administration (07:15)

Duration: 8 Minutes 43 Seconds

Video 5: Creating Content with Shopping Experiences CMS

With Shopping experiences, it is all about custom content, which can be mixed with products, and used all over in Shopware. Shopping Experiences is greatly enhanced in Shopware Pro edition, which allows an additional multitude of configurable options. Shopping Experiences is the default CMS in Shopware and is headless. Creating Content has never been easier in e-Commerce!


  • What are Shopping Experiences? (00:15)
  • Building a Shopping Experiences Landing Page (02:15)
  • Playing with Blocks (04:30)
  • Moving Content Blocks (05:20)
  • Content Block Types (06:00)
  • Product Enhanced Content Blocks (06:45)
  • Assigning Content Layouts to Categories (10:30)

Duration: 13 Minutes 14 Seconds

Video 6: Advanced Features - Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search is a feature of, well, as the name says, the Shopware Enterprise version. Soon there will be a plugin replacing enterprise search and make it available in the Pro Version as well.


  • Introduction to Enterprise Search (00:00)
  • Examples of ElasticSearch Based Searching (00:50)
  • Configuring Enterprise Search (04:10)
  • General Search Settings (05:00)
  • Advanced Configuration (05:50)
  • Trying the Enterprise Search Configuration (07:20)
  • Configuring Searchable Categories (09:20)
  • Reordering Search Results / Boosting Search Results (11:10)

Duration: 13 Minutes 48 Seconds

Video 7: Personalization with Shopware Rule Builder

Rule Builder allows personalization of the customer experience in Shopware 6 overall. Shipping -, Payment Modules or Prices are just some of the personalized contents you can adjust with the Rule Builder. Adjustable Content will be upcoming in one of the regular upgrades of Shopware 6.


  • Personalization through Rule Builder (00:00)
  • Administering Rule Builder (0:40)
  • Setting up Conditions (00:50)
  • Demo of Rules set in previous example (07:00)
  • Example: Change Shipping Rules based on criteria (08:40)
  • Demo of Rules of previous example (11:40)

Duration: 14 Minutes 04 Seconds

Video 8: Setting up Shopware 6 Promotions

Promotions are the way to set up the preconditions under which customer can receive a discount. Buy 3 Pay 2, are just some of the types of promotions you can flexibly create.


  • Setting up a Promotion (00:15)
  • Setting Preconditions (02:15)
  • Setting Up Discounts (03:10)
  • Real Life example setup (04:30)
  • Trying out Shopping Rules (07:00)

Duration: 8 Minutes 52 Seconds

Video 9: Sales Channels and Multi-Site Management

Here you will learn the possibilities of catalog segmentation and setting up completely new sites with a single Shopware installation. This is specifically important when addressing different markets or sales channels. One of the highlights could, for example, be launching a website only with summer sales, whereas the generic store will stay unaffected. Different templates, category structures are completely possible, and all this in a default Shopware installation, without any further custom work needed to be done.


  • Introduction to Multi-Site and Catalog Segmentation (00:00)
  • Creating a Sales Channel (02:00)
  • General Settings (03:15)
  • Setting a Theme to a Sales Channel (07:10)
  • Various other Setup Options (09:10)
  • Handling Multilingual content for localization (09:30)

Duration: 12 Minutes 15 Seconds

Video 10: Shopware B2B Suite

Introducing the Shopware B2B Suite which is part of the Enterprise Edition. Out of the box features for B2B and B2C sales, with an extensive Backoffice, for serious and larger merchants.


  • Introduction to B2B Suite (Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition) (00:00)
  • Demo Session B2B Suite (01:20)
  • B2B Accounts Dashboard (02:30)
  • B2B Company Management (02:50)
  • Statistics (03:20)
  • Orders Overview (03:40)
  • Fast orders Overview (04:50)
  • Company Management in Detail (06:00)
  • Role and Rights Management (10:00)

Duration: 15 Minutes 07 Seconds


Ivan Georgiev | Software Engineer

Ivan is an extremely intelligent and knowledgeable professional with a hunger for improvement and continuous learning. Being versatile in a number of programming languages, he picks up on new tech in a matter of hours. He is a person that masters challenges by investigation and clear, structured execution, bringing in his experience and innovative ideas to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Ivan is also a Certified Shopware Engineer.