Top 10 Content Marketing Tools to Skyrocket Your Sales Efforts

We are several decades deep into the Digital Era, and content marketing has become an invaluable tactic for a successful business. Implementing top content marketing strategies is a sure way to deliver informative and high-quality content that can drive targeted customers to your website.

Unfortunately, content marketing presents an array of tough challenges, and many business owners and marketers quickly learn to include them on their to-do lists. 

Content is responsible for every central business or marketing message. It comes as no surprise that any content marketing campaign with positive effects requires a lot of time and energy invested in it. Getting the right tools is what justifies all collective effort.

The absence of a practical marketing tool can lead to countless hours spent on thorough research, writing, and editing. To prevent this type of weak investment, you need to round up a set of instruments that will collectively yield the much-needed effect from all present text, still images, or video. The content marketing tools below aim to address problems business owners experience when trying to increase sales rates through channeling messages about their products.

1. Sender


Sender is a valid email marketing tool you can exercise to tidy up your newsletter campaigns and accurately project your image to your clients. Sender will help you create impressive newsletters that have the potential to reach far more customers than you can get to through regular traffic or static content.

  Imagine that every time something noteworthy happens in your industry, your clients readily expect you to fill them in on the details. You can achieve this by creating and scheduling informative emails for all the people involved in your business process - clients, partners, even vendors. Show them that you understand how every stakeholder involved relates to each other and how mutual benefit comes when working practices or new pieces of technology are adopted.

Impactful newsletters are great for exposure and spreading news, but, at the same time, they should not be too frequent or too overwhelming. Learning about the right topic and rate of distribution for newsletters is something that comes with experience, yet starting small turns out to be the necessary first step. With Sender, you can eventually become a beacon of information that people learn to trust and appreciate and use regularly.

Sender makes it easy to build emails with specialized content. You can create different newsletter groups, and depending on the type of ready material, ping only those potentially interested in the subject. The tool has stunning templates and detailed customization – very suitable for motivating your subscribers to anticipate and read your messages.

Sender can analyze and track the behavior of your readers, and the free version allows for up to 15,000 emails per month. These numbers are enough to keep even the most aggressive email campaigner happy.

2. Zoho Social

Zoho Social

Zoho is a robust social media management tool best used to increase visibility in social media networks. It can schedule unlimited posts on your social media channels and consistently keep up with your adjustments and updates.

Zoho Social can monitor different networks for what people are saying about your brand. If you cope with multiple social media accounts, this tool makes it easy to manage them all in one place. Zoho Social has social analytics that identifies your potential customers through the various ways they engage with your brand.

3. BuzzFeed


BuzzFeed is one of the best platforms for finding high-quality content from all the high authority websites on the Internet. BuzzFeed will indicate the most popular topics and trending content you can later share with your audience. The deep insights this tool provides are perfect for improving the way you engage with your audience and strategize about outranking your competitors.

BuzzFeed generates content ideas that are bound to channel even more readers to your website. You can also use it to uncover authority websites and articles for backlinking.

4. HubSpot’s Marketing Software


This all-in-one marketing tool has the potential to raise your customer base and help you detect and convert leads. It comes with thousands of responsive templates, ideal for boosting the performance of your blog posts and landing pages. This business-focused tool makes it easy to bring forth and publish relevant content on your business website.

It features professional email features and a live chat function — ideal for high-end customer engagement and trust-building with prospects.

5. Kissmetrics


Kissmetrics is an advanced user behavior analytics tool you can integrate to monitor, analyze, and boost the way your website operates and brings impact.  This tool will help you to understand how potential customers interact with your site and give pointers for improvement of this two-way interaction.

It will show you what people do on your site and for how long. These are core metrics that reveal pathways to a clear strategy for improved user experience. Kissmetrics is one of the best content marketing tools you can use to reduce shopping cart abandonment — one of the most crucial factors for shopping site customer acquisition.

6. Keywordtool


This valuable tool can help you discover the right keywords that reflect your business operations and intentions. If you want to attract customers to your products through search engines, you should be ready to integrate keywords that people are already comfortable with and learn how to capitalize on that.

Keywordtool is an autocomplete scraper that finds highly targeted keyword and keyword ideas that will ultimately become your go-to instrument for boosting your search traffic.

7. Yoast SEO

Yoast Seo

Yoast SEO is a professional WordPress plugin that targets website visibility on search engine result pages. It has many features focused on attracting new customers. It’s also one of the top content marketing tools for furnishing your product or service page with high-quality content.

You can use it to optimize the total amount of keywords – eager marketers can easily oversaturate key-phrases. Many marketers use Yoast because it incorporates only the most recent SEO practices and tools. We think that SEO tools that follow up on changes in trends or algorithms are the ones you need for effective marketing. Yoast SEO is one of these reliable and updated instruments. Using it guarantees that you will never skip reviewing a proper angle for content improvements. Yoast SEO can also tackle technical optimization problems that generally act as a break in search engine ranking.

8. 1888 PressRelease

1888 Pressrelease

This tool’s name is pretty revealing about its purpose. 1888 PressRelease is an effective press release distribution platform that can employ to boost your brand awareness and your newswire. Tou can use this tool to transform news bits into a finished online press release, producing a lot more exposure and impact.

A well-shaped press release can go a long way with content marketing. It can highlight some of your most recent endeavors in the industry and help you capitalize on the unique features and spread the good news around to your business peers.

1888 PressRelease can distribute your article to the bloggers, journalists, and major search engines. Some useful press release writing strategies derive from this tool, as well as samples you can use to improve your marketing efforts.

9. Rawshorts


Rawshorts is a professional video maker, and it uses artificial intelligence to convert text into animated videos instantly. This advanced tool makes it easy to create product videos, ready to be used to draw attention to your product line or business services.

To become a master with this tool, all you need to do is to upload your video script, and Rawshorts will discover media assets that match your story. It can also generate voice narration, which is very helpful if you can’t afford a professional voice actor right away. However, for high impact advertising clip, you are going to need one, but until then, Rawshorts will do. This unique service also has a video editor that can fine-tune your clip.

Rawshorts incorporates over 1 million creative commons videos, images, and animations that you can download to improve your content marketing efforts.

10. Pixlr


Pixlr is a professional photo editor that optimizes images. The tool brims with useful features that make the cumbersome process of photo editing an easy job, even to the unexperienced.

There are several photo editing tools to help you resize, crop, and modify your photos. Pixlr supports tools you can use to draw anything directly on your photos, and there are inbuilt filters perfect for spicing up imagery.

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