The Best Automated Services for Your Business

Automated services are becoming extremely popular among business folk looking to minimize human error and save time for more critical tasks. However, many automated services already loom in the market, so it can be challenging to determine the best one for you.

Let me walk you through some of the known automated solutions for all types of business: startups, small to medium, and enterprises. This walk-through includes payroll services, accounting software, employee scheduling apps, and more.

About Automated Services

An automated service is an AI-based service that helps you grow your business where a human intervention won’t bring the same level of efficiency or accuracy more quickly and efficiently. Examples of automated services include CRM tools, virtual assistants, and SEO/SEM solutions. When appropriately integrated into your small business operation, these solutions can help with customer relationships to lead tracking to brand awareness and beyond.
To render your company in competitive shape, you must save time and reduce costs. If you don’t equalize your effort to those of the next provider, you quickly fall behind. To prevent this from happening, you better take advantage of as many automated services as possible—even if their application is reduced to marketing tasks.

What to Consider When Choosing Automated Services

The automated service you plan to invest in should meet your company’s specific criteria. Some applications specifically cater to smaller businesses, while others gear up toward more giant corporations. The rough difference between the two determines its efficiency. As companies grow, so does their customer base. The more customers, the more challenging it becomes for the human support agents to handle the growing need for customer relations.

Before signing up for any automation tool, ensure its features meet your goals. Don’t spend money on a universal tool that doesn’t match your practices and may cause problems down the road. Imagine the difficulties when the functionalities are incompatible with your specifics. When changes or new updates roll out, you would wish you never ventured into automation, but it would be too late to reverse the misstep.

Like most tech-related methodologies, automated services are only as helpful as you make them. While some automated solutions are designed to handle critical parts of your business, so you don’t have to, others can take more effort on your part to fully utilize their functionality. It’s essential to make an initial correct setup. Being diligent in the preparatory stages of automation can help you benefit from their capabilities down the road. This requires you to stay informed about updates and spend time learning the logic of their operation.

Most Common Automated Services Businesses Use

The following items include the most popular automated services commonly used by various businesses. Your particular company may not need or want to implement all of these services at once. However, it would greatly help if you examined each and juxtapose it to your future development plans. Maybe automation has a valuable place in there – there’s a lot of evidence showing that it very well may.
Try adding or evaluating one of these domains every few months to stay ahead of your industry’s trends. This is an ideal practice for companies on strict budgets. If you lack time to commit more than a few hours per week to implementing new technology, these areas below might produce valuable insight on how to improve your business.

Here are the specific areas I believe automated services can fit nicely and help boost your business if adopted:

Automated accounting

Automated accounting solutions simplify payroll and finances and comply with tax requirements.
Many other online tools have received rave reviews from users of all sizes as well. These platforms help automate some accounts-payable processes using intelligent automation technology.
The evident benefit of automated accounting is the time saved, mainly as a by-product of having fast data access and incredible data accuracy. Your accountants can focus on the few manual task that inevitably hit every workflow, but the bulk of the computational side of accounting fits the scope of a well-designed AI system.

Help Desk Software Automation

Automated ticketing allows you have centralized control over customer interactions. Help desk software helps streamline communication with your clients. It alerts them when tickets are submitted or updated while keeping you informed about your team’s contribution.
Automated Help Desk Software is an incredible asset, and companies like Zendesk serve are shining examples of its immense power. Before this method starts working as the smooth clockwork it is supposed to be, a careful analysis of the support environment must occur. For example, all the issues that the AI can solve must prequel any contact with an actual agent. Carefully funnel all the simple and repetitive tasks to the machine. If they fail, escalate it to an agent, but not before that.

Project Management Automation

There are a lot of excellent agency project management tools available. They allow you to fragment projects into tinier tasks. It makes your team better prepared to tackle them and easier to manage them even when they handle jobs related to multiple projects.
While automated applications and solutions seem like a great time-saver or brand preserver, they may not always work as intended. For example, automation is great for eCommerce businesses and generally reduces the amount and consequences of human error. However, ask yourself this question: does your business suffer from unforced mistakes made by your team? If not, then this approach may not be fit for your company.

Automation should serve your business. If it doesn’t, do not use it, or you risk becoming a victim of a technological trend.

You tried automation, but it didn’t work? Not everyone is lucky to make an automation solution work like a charm from the get-go. If you encountered some difficulties setting up intelligent AIS to benefit your business, please give us a call. Our team lives under no illusion that one-size-fits- solutions work like magic. Have someone talk through your business challenges and learn about the advantages you can have with the helping hand of an established expert in the field.


Kris Terziev

Kris is the Head of Research and Development at CodeCoda and, as he himself says, is constantly seeking better methods of developing and implementing software solutions.
In his previous experience as a software engineer, he has experienced everything from plain assembly code through the optimization of the process of business and functional analysis and the development of Fintech Applications.
During his school years, he won several medals in international competitions in mathematics and computer science. Concerning his professional interests, he pays special attention to algorithms and software development methodologies.