How eCommerce Created Revolution In The Business World

The world is changing rapidly with the adoption of digital technologies. The world is leaning towards the comfort and conveniences of digital technologies, and to date, it has been fruitful to them.

The evolution in technology, especially in the form of the internet and digitization, has been remarkable. Today, technology has replenished the entire system, including the business sectors, which has impacted a lot. The concept of eCommerce rose due to the evolution in technology. eCommerce created a revolution and became popular quickly, and this concept is likely to play a significant role in the business world.
The internet world has grown exponentially due to the improved advanced technology networks, giving rise to the power of the internet. Earlier, we all were aware of the potential of the internet, but now we are experiencing it. Technology has played a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. These days we have easy access to the internet via smartphones and portable devices, so eCommerce and online services enjoy the increased popularity.
The business world changed remarkably with the adoption of the internet and all the digital tools that come with it. The boost that the business sector got with the advanced technologies is outstanding. The people’s interest in such services has been very encouraging and played a crucial role in changing the market dynamics. Any technology that does not attract people would not last due to inherent flaws.

What Actually Is eCommerce?

eCommerce is the commercial sector running electronically. Any business that services people digitally can be considered a type of eCommerce. The commercialization of digital technologies is the fascinating thing that changed how markets operated. Nowadays, companies have their entire business operation model based on online services. Customers can sit at their homes and order items online in their comfort, and business people will process the online orders and supervise the delivery.

How did the Digitized Approach Impact The Business Sector?

The digitized approach impacted the business sector in many ways, and it has helped discover new concepts like eCommerce. Business people are integrating digital tech solutions to elevate their business scope. These solutions came as a defining curve in the business sector as they completely replenished the methods and ways to run a commercial industry. Also, digitized approaches offer many different courses that allow business people to do their business comfortably.
It is the solutions that can handle various business tasks efficiently, which can be a great advantage to a business model. The impact of such solutions in the commercial sector is immeasurable. The market dynamics have changed in recent times with the digital implication, and to some extent, it grew as a necessity.

Scenario Of Business Sector

The conventional methods of the business sector have had their limitations, and they could not have effective growth. Also, as time went on, the demand kept increasing, which the conventional form of business practice to lag because of limitations of business growth. People need services delivered to them conveniently and comfortably, which drove businesses to adopt digital solutions. The internet platform started getting popular, and people leaned towards the technology business. People were in a dilemma to enhance their business model in the changing market sentiments.
The digital solution gave relief and cushioned the business model in helping them effectively grow their business. Companies will now be able to achieve their goals and target customers comprehensively with the help of digital tools embedded in their business model. Thus, the scenario of the business model currently is that it is urging technology tools and solutions to raise their standards and move forward from the conventional approach.

eCommerce Is A Revolution

eCommerce is considered a revolution in the entire world because it has replenished business means. The amalgamation of technology and shift in people’s minds are the two essential steps that helped eCommerce create a revolution.
Thanks to eCommerce, small and mid-sized businesses boosted their reach and exposure. The worldwide market changed comprehensively with the rise of eCommerce. Both the people in the industry and all the collateral services gained their benefits from doing business online.

What Sparked eCommerce’s Popularity?

eCommerce is successful because of two main reasons: one is technology, and another is its users. Business people took a chance to implement technology into their business model for the betterment of their venture. It was up to people who needed to choose whether they welcome these changes or not. If the enhanced business model integrated with the digital technologies fails to convince the user, the project would be a failure.
Luckily, people welcomed the online business and service with both their hands and became fascinated. People were in awe of the eCommerce progress, which created an impact that is a positive sign of eCommerce being successful. Thus, this is how technology and users have pioneered the concept of eCommerce, now booming worldwide.

eCommerce is Helping the Economy

One of the significances of eCommerce in recent times is that it is helping the economy to boost. With the rise of the eCommerce trend, business productivity will increase. Also, the online business methods open doors for innovation and increase in better shopping experiences. The opportunities for entrepreneurs increase with eCommerce. All these factors are very much responsible for boosting the business sectors.
With online commerce, small and medium-sized businesses are succeeding, which means that the economy is affected positively. The economy has a positive boost because of the increased efficiency.

Interesting Facts About eCommerce

Our current generation is fond of the world wide web and its lucrative services, encouraging other generations to make them part of their lives too. eCommerce has become a hit because of its ability to offer people something better and impactful.
Presently, around 40% of users use the internet to order and purchase things online. eCommerce is more successful and impactful because more than 70% of online shoppers believe they secured online deals better than the alternatives. We know that smartphones played a vital role in increasing the number of internet users. Mobile apps have a colossal role in bringing forth the concept of eCommerce. And rightfully so — because 65% of audiences enjoy shopping online from their smartphones. (Source)

Total worldwide eCommerce sales 2014-2021
Source: KINSTA

Social Media Impact

Social media is a prevalent and influential element in the entire internet world. As a platform, social media has helped eCommerce a lot in increasing its popularity.
Today, the ‘internet’ is almost always associated with ‘social media’. In some casual conversations,  people almost use the terms interchangeably. These days virtually all the people using the internet are using social media and are attached to it. According to reports from Hootsuite, there are 4.66 billion internet users, out of which 4.20 billion people are active in social media. The figures indicate the power of social media. Experts suggest that 30% of shoppers get inspired from social media to buy things online.

Social Media Statistics
Source: Hootsuite

eCommerce Completely Changed the Shopping Experience

The eCommerce sector has created a revolution in the business world as they have successfully given the market the new angle for online business. With eCommerce, the users had a completely new experience in shopping. As people went online to search for things, it turned out very convenient. You could do it without leaving your home.
With a few taps on a portable device, people were browsing and comparing products with the ease of using a custom software app. Online shoppers discovered the vast list range of products, and, more importantly, once purchased, they arrived at their doorstep. If by any chance they were unhappy with their item, the option to return the product was there to solidify the purchase intent. eCommerce completely changes the shopping experience for users, and they are enjoying it.

Small And Mid-Size Business Fortunes Are Shifting

eCommerce is an open concept, and all investors can take advantage of the internet platform. Small businesses like restaurants bet on food delivery app development and shifting their business online. A small step for small stores that dare invest in custom app development. Business people can also sell things on premium eCommerce platforms like Amazon.
Having a presence in the internet world is no longer a problem for any business, whether small or large. Thus, the internet world became the biggest savior for small businesses, completely changing their fortunes.

Final Words

eCommerce is a revolution, and we all have felt the impact that it has created. Powerful internet services have changed our day-to-day lives. We are now used to swimming in comfort and convenience. eCommerce is something that helps both vendors and users. eCommerce stepped in when the economy needed a boost like this.
It is a complete package that an ideal business person would desire to have, impacting the ongoing economy. With the influence of online services, customer’s behavior is now different. The shopping experience online is far more convenient than offline. With its branches of fruitfulness, eCommerce has a lot to offer to humankind in the upcoming future.


David Dorr, Head of eCommerce

David is the Head of e-Commerce at CodeCoda where he is responsible to lead several teams of eCommerce specialists. In his previous role as a data scientist for London Metropolitan Police, he was developing deep learning NLP algorithms as part of the Crime Prediction initiative. He then switched over to combine AI with e-Commerce.
He received a B.Sc in Physics from the University of Surrey, Guildford in 1996. With this scientific background, he switched relatively early in his life towards Neural Networks and e-Commerce and has ever since been fascinated with what AI and Machine Learning can do for Online Commerce.