Press Release: CodeCoda wins the 2020 TECHNOLOGY INNOVATOR AWARD

Press Release: Code Coda Ltd., with the combined effort of its team power, yields well-recognized achievements. This year it is no different - as evidence to Code Coda’s true potential as a service provider comes the 2020 Technology Innovator Award hosted by Corporate Vision Magazine, UK.


The renowned CodeCoda Ltd., the advanced software development service providers are excited to announce that they have won the 2020 Technology Innovator Award for providing the top class, best, quality-oriented, customized web and mobile app development services.

The award was presented to CodeCoda Ltd by Natalie Farrell (Award Coordinator) to acknowledge their efforts that they are contributing to bringing innovations, expertise, and creativity in the IT industry.

The results were announced on August 7, 2020, on the Corporate Vison website. At that moment the awards coordinator Natalie Farrell expressed the success of awards in these words: “the Technology Innovator Awards have only grown to encompass a plethora of businesses to showcase their individual achievements and successes in the technology sphere.”

Corporate Vision focuses on highlighting advancement in various fields, starting from marketing, HR to technology for bringing business progress together both on a smaller and larger level. It’s their sixth year that they organized these awards.

CodeCoda Ltd is proud to share its privilege with the world that they are one of them who have won this Technology Innovator Awards for creating excellence in web and mobile app building.

CodeCoda Ltd has continually demarked itself by the quality of its amazing software solutions. It’s been over 4 years that they are in this industry and has 1500 plus years of IT experience with more than 150 team members.

They have significantly contributed their part to improving the working structure of many online and offline businesses by providing the best, innovative applications, IT solutions, e-commerce, and BPO services.

2020 Technology Innovator Award Showcase

We are extremely excited and pleased that we have been recognized with this 2020 Technology Innovator Awards. We are so proud to add this award to the many we receive each year from various honorable award companies. This award powers our team and we will continue building more IT innovations for making global progress in every field,

said Dr. Andreas Maier, CEO of CodeCoda Ltd.

They provide excellent customer services and their utmost priority is client satisfaction. Dr. Andreas himself looks after everything and assures the 101% guaranteed work.

CodeCoda has a team of professionals who are well-educated, well-trained software engineers, technicians, designers, business developers, and many others who own the experience of many years in their respective fields. The core personals are Dr. Andreas Maier (CEO), Georgi Georgiev (COO), Nedyalko Tanev (CCO), Nashat Wanli (CTO) and Zornitsa Razpopova (Head of Designs).

What differentiates them from other software, IT solutions providers is their level of expertise and creativity. They do not only design the customized outcomes but also guide the customers along the whole process to well-maintained their whole IT structure for progressive business.

Their customers are in thousands and they are all fully satisfied with the working structure, customer dealing process, and communication level of CodeCoda’s personals.

“CodeCoda guided me through the software development process in a very professional and competent manner. They know their work very well and within a few seconds, you get the best solutions,” said a customer.

Currently, they have their offices in Berlin, Dublin, Washington and Plovdiv,  but they have plans to expand their structure on a larger scale, to facilitate the businesses on a global level.

Their mission is to deliver first-class software services to their clients on a global level with the vision of serving one customer satisfactory, to build a long term collaboration.


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