Does the idea of IT Outsourcing make you feel uncomfortable?

Having talked with our clients, we sometimes experience doubts and skepticism from companies whom have never used Outsourcing or have had previous bad experiences.

Working with a third party often makes people uncomfortable, as it can produce some uncertainty. For example, what if the initial meeting did not clarify all your open questions. Who are the people you are hiring? What about status updates of the project or task? How clear is the invoicing?

The initial customer concerns that need to be addressed are:

“There’s no transparency”

An Outsourcer must give you full transparency about all issues related to the work they undertake for you. They should provide you with one main point of contact whom is dedicated to you. The contact should update you on a regular basis about the project status, and proactively reach out to you if a problem occurs.  They should advise, and where needed, suggest better solutions.  The same applies with the invoicing and working time.

“Working with unknown people”

Where possible, ask to be introduced to the outsourcing team members and have a chance to talk with them. This provides a personal connection of your project to the parties involved. This will enhance the overall commitment and motivation. A key to success.

“Distant office”

Within Europe, the maximum time zone difference is only 2 hours. Travelling from your home office to Europe may not always be possible, so calls and online meetings will be required. However, CodeCoda ensures that, despite any time zone difference, there will be always contactable employees on hand to address any problems or concerns that you may have.

“What are the Cost Projections?”

You should retain complete control over your money and budget. You should only pay for the actual work done for you, not for breaks, sickness, vacation time, training sessions etc. 

The first meetings should declare and define work which needs to be done. This should include how much resources and time will be needed. You should then get a proposal in accordance with your budget. The better the project is prepared, the more value and quality for your project you will get for your money.

“Are there any hidden or unexpected additional costs?”

There should be no hidden costs. Invoices must be clearly structured, with a tracking record of the work done. Do not accept “bad surprises”. Make sure your contact or the project manager gives you project status updates on time. This will allow for future planning for any proposed changes which would incur extra costs.

We, from CodeCoda, don’t want you to have any doubts about working with us. We believe that, for all clients, it is most important to feel that you can rely on CodeCoda. Before, during and after development of your custom software solution. CodeCoda – We deliver!

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