12 Ways Proxy Servers Help Achieve Business Growth

Proxy servers are intermediaries that separate end-users from the destinations they browse. They connect the user and the internet and filter the connection between a device and the internet.

When using a proxy, a request from your device goes to a proxy server where it’s processed. Then it reaches the requested website, which resides on some internet server. Before the feedback, the website’s response passes through the proxy before reaching your device.
That sounds complex, but it’s because proxies allow accelerating access to resources. If, for example, you are banned from accessing a site, the manipulation of the IP address will enable you to get there.

Proxy servers are critical, considering that many companies have turned to conduct business on virtual platforms. Proxies cover a variety of industries, conglomerates, and structures. Individuals are always looking for the best proxy services for privacy purposes. For example, social media proxies help you manage multiple accounts without worrying about regional or IP-related restrictions.

So why do we need proxy services?

  • To bypass online locks. Proxies enable you to access a website you’d otherwise not be able to access due to blockage.
  • To access websites that limit the number of connections. Some file-sharing services even limit the number of downloads from one IP address.
  • To surf different websites anonymously, without worrying about having your IP address disclosed.

Proxies fall into different categories, depending on:

  • The application
  • The anonymity level
  • The traffic flow
  • The location
  • Service
  • IP address

There are different types of proxies. Which one you get depends on your custom and dedicated demands, as highlighted above. There’s no one-size-fits-all. The different types of proxy servers are as follows:

  • The SOCKS proxy server. They belong to the group of proxy servers based on application. Many network applications can work through this proxy. For instance, you can use it to work with your mail client (POP3 and IMAP protocols). The SOCKS proxy is an IP that routes traffic through a third-party server. It does this using the TCP protocol.
    SOCKS proxy operates on a low-level protocol which makes them anonymous. The protocol has three versions. There’s the SOCKS4, SOCKS4a, and the SOCKS5.
    SOCKS5 proxies are the latest and most up-to-date. By having socks5 proxies, you’re able to perform DNS queries on the server-side. It also enables you to use the UDP protocol and the BIND method.
    SOCKS5 proxies have enhanced security and offer three authentication methods: 1) null authentication, 2) password authentication, and 3) GSS-API authentication.
  • Web proxy servers. This proxy forwards HTTP requests. A request gets sent, and the proxy server responds.
  • Transparent proxy. It’s grouped as a proxy server based on the anonymity level. This type of proxy is strong in its ability to act as a cache for websites. It doesn’t provide anonymity, and the original IP address can get detected.
  • Residential proxy. These use the IP addresses of real people. They’re also associated with physical residences and use ISPs to get IP addresses.
  • Datacenter proxy. They are the most common type of proxies. They’re managed and produced by data centers. These types of servers are cheap and easy to come by. They are also great in improving uses like security functions.
  • DNS proxy. It belongs to the group of proxy servers based on applications. This proxy takes requests in the form of DNS queries. It then forwards them to the domain server. While there, they get cached and the flow of requests redirected.
  • Forwarding proxy. These act on behalf of forwarding clients. They belong to the group of servers based on traffic flow. Like firewalls, these types filter inbound and outbound traffic.

There are many other types of proxies apart from the ones mentioned here. But that’s a topic we’ll continue on another day. Now that we have a better grasp of proxies, let’s discuss why you need them in your business.

Importance of Proxy Service Providers in Your Business


Controlling Employee Access to the Business

Companies run their internal networks on proxies because it prevents employees from accessing inappropriate sites. Accessing a network through a proxy makes work easier for network administrators.
Proxies control devices that have access to a network. They also manage the sites those devices can access. They ensure that any unacceptable content gets blocked.
This feature can help you ensure employee productivity throughout the day. Through this, you can also limit their access to sensitive or confidential company information. Only those who have clearance can use specific company data.
Content accessed by employees can also get recorded for internal purposes or audits. The recordings enable security officers to monitor for possible illegal activities. Taking such measures protects a company from breaches and attacks.


Safeguarding the Security of Your Business

Many businesses today face the threat of unauthorized intrusion by hackers. These hackers have already shown us that they can do much more than hack into a bank. A data breach is very costly and can cost a business not only financially. Let’s not mention only the loss of public trust that comes with such violations.
Proxy servers minimize the chances of data breaches by working at the application layer of the OSI model. OSI establishes a networking framework to implement protocols in seven layers.
Proxies add another layer of security between your corporate server and internet traffic. The proxies serve as buffers since they can connect to the internet. They also transfer requests from devices outside the network.


Faster Speed and Saving Bandwidth

Proxies can keep track of the websites that meet your online requests. They also help to store offline the web pages that you frequent. You can then use the cataloged information when the same request comes from a different device connected to the internal network.
Apart from reducing bandwidth consumption, it also minimizes operational costs. It gets done through a faster loading process of web pages. When using proxy servers, requests made from a private network first go to the proxy. It helps to speed up internet browsing.


Market Intelligence

A business needs to have the right strategy to beat competitors and succeed in the market. Having the right tools can help in collecting data relevant to your niche. But that’s not enough, and companies have secured their websites from scrapers from competitors.
Using proxies allows you to scrape websites without getting noticed by changing the company’s IP address. IP addresses are distinctive identifiers to which browsing activities get attached. They also have location makers. A proxy server can protect your business’s real address by assigning you a different one.
The proxy server also enables you to collect data from social media. You can review sites as well as customer reviews of your competitors. This activity helps you to plan and have a competitive edge.


Indirect Marketing

Internet service providers store all your browsing data. Meaning that if you don’t use proxies, requests from clients directly reach the server. Online advertisers then use that data to identify your likes and dislikes. With that knowledge, they’re able to keep showing you promotions of products and services.
Those promotions become an obstacle during your browsing. Some even interfere with an employee’s concentration. But you can avoid all that by using proxy servers because your information doesn’t get stored. It enables you to have a hassle-free, uninterrupted incidence of browsing.


Performing Sensitive Tasks With Anonymity

Proxy servers are well known for providing anonymous web traffic. That is what most entrepreneurs fail to understand.
A proxy configured with private networking makes it challenging to track your activities. It’s important to understand that all data is considered valuable. Unscrupulous criminals are aware of this fact and know that it’s the key to the safety of your business.
Proxies give you absolute anonymity, which can also protect you from unfair persecution of whatsoever kind.


Balancing Traffic to Avoid Crashing Your Server

When traffic is not balanced, websites can crash. What’s even worse is that they do so when they are needed the most. You can prevent this problem through peering, cloud data storage, and proxies.
All your data and any other content on your website get stored across the internet. It means that clients can use different ISPs to reach your content. However, by using proxies, you create a new web address that serves as an access point. You can also use it to balance out your traffic and avoid website crashes.
That gives you both protection and a better user experience. You can’t ask for more.


Create and Manage Many Social Media Accounts

Many companies take advantage of the increasing influence of social media channels. Most companies have already embraced different social media accounts. The difficulty comes in accessing them. Companies face the likelihood of getting blocked by an internet service provider.
Another difficulty is that accounts can get deleted. Messages from many accounts can also get thrown into spam folders. Residential proxies can help prevent all that.
What you do is ensure that each account is created using a different proxy. That means that your accounts will not get blocked because the social media service will be looking at other accounts made worldwide.
A residential IP address can also help you maintain complete anonymity, thereby increasing your internet security. They do this by providing an intermediary server through which your internet activities are routed. The server changes your IP address, completely hiding it and making you appear as a different user.


Email Protection

Companies receive a large number of emails daily, with some of them containing malicious URLs. That makes it easy to compromise employee accounts or trick them into malicious activities.
Companies should ensure they protect their email account system to avoid such occurrences. Using proxy servers offers excellent protection. They ensure that every email gets checked for malicious links or attachments.


Web Scraping for Business

Web scraping uses bots to extract content and data and puts the information in a data store.
Web scraping is great for competitor analysis and market research, and SEO monitoring. It enables companies to get information that helps them get ahead in their industry.
The use of proxies ensures that the web scraping process executes anonymously. Without proxy servers, web scraping can get detected. As a result, you can have IP addresses blocked.
By acting as a gateway, proxies enable you to access websites anonymously, even if they’re unavailable in your region. This way, you can create and develop better marketing strategies and have the edge over your competitors.


Software Testing and Performance Monitoring

Proxies help in testing new features for mobile applications and websites. They also enable developers to know how their software works in different locations. Companies are also able to test their software’s performance in high load cases. That’s possible by the use of many residential IP addresses.
Proxies are also valuable for performance monitoring. They enable businesses to check out their competition and know what they’re doing, what’s working for them, and the improvements they’re making.


Campaigning and Raising Awareness

Social media proxies allow entrepreneurs to run unlimited social media campaigns. These campaigns have promotional purposes like spreading brand awareness.
Entrepreneurs use bots to send campaign invitations in bulk or in groups. They also use them to do promotions in large numbers. The problem with this is that social media platforms can relate it to spam and block an account. When you need a bundle of different social media accounts, this is where social media proxies come to the rescue.


With all the listed benefits, it’s no doubt that every business needs the services of proxies. For that reason, companies must get in touch with a proxy service provider. The internet is a dangerous place, so be sure to protect your business.
Proxies will also help your business stay afloat in your industry – a game you want to win by getting to the finish line and bragging about your success. The business world keeps evolving. Well, thought-out decisions are a precondition for success. Work on having better strategies and invest in tools like proxy servers that make your business grow.

Encryption technologies for data protection are part of the benefits of proxies. Intelligent servers support robust capabilities like re-encryption, protecting the data you and your business partners share under a solid security shell.
When going for a proxy solution, make sure you hunt for an authentic one. One that will not take advantage of your data but, instead, will provide the IP types and settings that are in sync with your business data demands.


Kris Terziev

Kris is the Head of Research and Development at CodeCoda and, as he himself says, is constantly seeking better methods of developing and implementing software solutions.
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