Remote teamwork works!

Your own team is good, no, in fact, they’re great. However, even the best teams sometimes need new skills. This often means taking your team out of their comfort zone. Don’t get me wrong, it is good to have a team that works well together and trusts one another. But, as humans, this can often mean that the team dynamics begin to stagnate. The way of thinking, acting and communication all gets streamlined, resulting in a tunnel vision where new ideas are not welcome. It becomes difficult then to introduce new projects which require new technologies.

Kickstart for your group dynamic

This is where working with a remote team comes in. A good remote team will start by being a great support for your projects, and getting your work done. In doing so, new ideas are naturally introduced, helping to push your own team out of stasis.

Remote teams must meet the expectations of your company, focusing entirely on the issues at hand. They get paid for delivering a job on time and within the given budget. This leaves no time for distraction or disruption. However, there is still space for intense communication, exchange of knowledge and ideas, and creating the final innovative products.

Remote teams therefore provide the motivation and incentive for your own teams to improve.

New ways to resolve any tension or conflict

Not all teams are perfect. Some team members can end up being mentally disconnected and remain dissatisfied with their job. They might be indispensable for your company, but behavior like this affects the team and brings down the morale of the whole office.

With a remote team introduced, these negative tendencies can be detected and quickly acted upon. This is because the remote team has an outside and independent point of view. A professional approach and interaction will help disaffected team members engage and resolve their problems. Rebuilding the team spirit, where every member feels useful and taken seriously, ultimately brings benefit to your company.

At CodeCoda, we care for both, the individual and the team. Our own people enjoy many benefits, ranging from our fun family atmosphere, through too having a shareholder program. This gives our employees a voice in the company. We value qualifications, but more important for us is people fitting with the team members and having a potential to learn and grow.